Friday, July 8, 2011

stories (grateful)

writing for five minutes on grateful:


when i was little, mom had
help with housework and childcare
while she taught art lessons
mary steed was her name
and she was a character
one of many idiosyncrasies
was her commitment to her
stories (soap operas)
we napped during
the young and the restless
as the world turns
fast forward 35 years
and i find myself
in love with stories, too
i am grateful
for them
and want to share
a few that i'm following
i am grateful for what god
is doing in these womens' lives
unlike mary steed's stories,
which multiplies the grateful tenfold
just click on the links below
but be might get

the gypsy mama - lisa-jo has just returned home to south africa for a visit. she hosts five-minute-friday
we are that family - kristen and her family are on mission (short-term) in kenya.
fan the flame - abby andher young family are training for missions in colorado
70 piggies - nic returned home from ethiopia last week with her newest child, m.
getting down with jesus - this one is sad, but hopeful. jennifer's nephew was in a terrible car accident.



  1. funny...I never considered how watching the "stories" (in my former life) has spurred the love of stories in me..I think it has. Thanks for your post!

  2. Stories... testimonies... they are powerful. They provoke emotion and can inspire us to reach fullness in life. I am grateful for stories too. :)

  3. I ALWAYS enjoy your posts. Thank you!!

  4. Just tried Five minute friday, so fun!!! Love that she watched her stories while working!!

  5. i like stories, too... i'm off to "70" piggies... how exciting... i loved her "60" piggies!

  6. Oh Kendal ... Thank you for your God-Care. You are such a light.

    I'm grateful that God can redeem any story. Hanging on to that truth right now!

    Hugs to you ...