Friday, August 26, 2011


one of my brother's many,
awesome photos
he took more than 800 at the beach!
writing for five minutes on older

i was a baby when
he watched the hospital
from the living room window
so proud to welcome home
twin sisters
i was a little girl
when he gave me
a garden in an old drawer
a pony named buckwheat
we’re older now
but he’s still my big brother
and he’s a builder
and he’s a giver
and he’s a dreamer
and he perseveres
and he loves
and he hopes
and i am overwhelmed
with thanks
happy birthday, cam

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  1. awww...sweet brother! makes me think of mine who wanted twin boys and told all his little league he would have them b/c he already had 2 little sisters, but out we 2 girls came and he cried but has loved us much these to you FRIEND!