Sunday, September 11, 2011

in which i encounter too many words (an irony)

taste of communion
on my tongue
notes scrawled on
hall pass
collection envelope
today's bulletin
bible's margin
it's hot in the car
as chris and i debrief
all i can say about church today?
i. am. exhausted.
the torrent of words
battered me -
is this an admission
of some sort of guilt?
does this ever happen to you?
am i weird?
really my favorite
words today
come from psalm 46
and i heard them
on television
before i even left for church -
be still
know that i am

and for these i am thankful:

328. deer in the early morning
329. soccer and football and boys who play them
330. my husband who washes dishes and takes boys on tractor rides
331. my girl, the one i mentor, who came to see me yesterday
332. my students who are interesting and interested
333. a welcoming body of believers
334. the word of god which is living and active
335. coffee, coffee, coffee

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  1. in your exhaustion, may you find the peace of God's restoration

  2. great words to hear...i love those words.

    be still
    and know
    that I am God

  3. Today, Pastor related the sorrows of 9/11 to the Psalms. Believers for thousands of years have known the Psalms hold vital words of comfort, prayers, praise...essential tools for our journey through the dark valleys of this life.

  4. What a full day if that started before church. I pray your week continues with being still and knowing He is God!

  5. be still...

    that's exactly what I was reading this morning. It's refreshing. :)

  6. Be still and know . . . this scripture is echoing through out the kingdom. It is popping up in blog posts, statuses, poetry, music . . . May you enter into His "stillness" and "knowing" this week.

  7. I appreciate this. Sadly, the busyness of Sundays leaves me drained. I am so thankful that God is there and waiting for me when I can calm down and seek Him. Thank you for using poetry to convey a spirit that longs for Him, but sometimes does the same as me on a Sunday morning.

  8. May our lord hold you in the palm of his hands. Bless you and I pray for you on my new list of prayer requests.

  9. Lord, forgive us for the times that we ask, "Where is God??" while we're running around crazily, avoiding the very act that would allow us to know.

    Be still.

    It's hard, isn't it? Yet it's still the key.

    Thank you for sharing your reflection!

  10. Be still and know that I am God.

    Yep. It's hard to remember to hold still, be quiet, listen and trust.

  11. Hopefully today has proved to be a 'still' day. Sundays are really not a day of rest!

  12. Yup, I absolutely have felt that way, even in church from time to time. I'm hoping that you've found some peace and solace today.

  13. find peace, love.

    He is all peace.

  14. Sometimes those words are all that we need to hear.


  15. Love the words and thought... be still and *know*. A husband that washes dishes is such a great gift! :)

  16. sometimes the closest I can get to God is just to take a nap and let him rejoice over me with his singing... a holy lullaby. I hope you got a good nap in. I enjoyed your truthfulness.

  17. #328... i have a fondness for deer in the morning too. always reminds me that even David was looking around and noticing God in the small things too. i love your writing, as always ;)

  18. I know that exhaustion! May you have rest today...physical and spiritual!

  19. I always get a little thrill when I hear Scripture being read on the television.


  20. "the torrent of words battered me"

    oh, how i know that feeling. not guilt. just truth. and being still is your best response.

    peace to you, kendal

  21. I, too, have felt this way. Not often, but sometimes, it's just too much, isn't it? Richard Foster says these times are when God is calling us away from all that distracts and into His arms for a sweeter intimacy. I like thinking of it that way. Makes me tuck into Him more.

  22. I think Psalms 46:10 can be all of our lives' we ever rise above it?? I missed how the hall pass fit, but now I think it was your sermon notes and haha I thought it was some teacher's notes you found in church;}

  23. Be still.. praying for you as you are still.. and I love your thankful list.. i to can add coffee coffee coffee o mine!