Sunday, October 2, 2011


my friend, laura jane, captured this scene
along the blue ridge parkway in north carolina
i had to look away from them
the couple sharing
their loved ones' drug abuse
i had to look away from
their fear
their sadness
i had to look away....
later, on the mountain,
roy said
it wasn't about the manna
god's food was about
and god doesn't look away from
the hurting
the broken
the afraid
he gives them

and for these i am thankful:

349. reunions
350. the blue ridge parkway
351. waterfalls
352. kids climbing trees
353. my girl, the one i mentor, she is allowing god
        to change her. and i am proud.
354. white field flowers, husband-picked
355. fire in the fireplace
356. friends who share parkway pictures!
357. small group. it is community. a blessing indeed.
358. my nephew, who says really cool things
        like, i want to be called ken now

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  1. I love this reminder that "God doesn't look away," and the glimpse of the beauty of the Blue Mountains! Lovely list too Kendal!

  2. OH, I hear this, Kendal. We are not able to bear the griefs of this world on our own, are we? We need His strength oh, so much.

  3. Beautiful. And challenging. It's so hard to look, because as Michelle's post this morning said, once you look, you have to act.

  4. The words Michelle wrote this morning stung a little too, "Once you look, you have to act." It's hard looking sometimes. (enjoying the other site you're writing on too - inspired teacher ...)

  5. How blessed we are that HE doesn't look away. How blessed. So happy to hear your girl is allowing God to change her. That is wonderful Kendal! What a beautiful view!

  6. I know this, Kendal. I look away from pain and suffering so often. It's just too much.

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  8. Manna - it is about the sustenance and about the daily dependence that what He gives is enough...

    Praying for your community.

  9. Oh, Kendal, how right you are! It wasn't about the manna. It was never just about the bread. The Bread of Life, yes. Not the bread.

    Lord, we are so grateful that you do not look away, not even from the things that are so hard to see. Thank you for pouring out your grace--not parceling it out in little amounts, but pouring it out.

    Thank you for sharing this, Kendal! Every blessing to you.

    By the way, the BRP photo is gorgeous!

  10. I am so thankful God never looks away from me. He took so much upon himself and continues to do so.

  11. Beautiful post, isn't he wonderful that He loves us all. Looking past imperfections, sins and looking into the situations even our own eyes are afraid of. There is so much beauty and comfort in Him. I love knowing He never looks away from me or anyone.

  12. Oh, that I would always sup at the Lord's table upon that manna.

  13. ah, 353. 354. 357. so many riches.

  14. What a great reminder. Thank you. I love the photo.

  15. Timely, this post.

    I had a hard conversation with an old friend yesterday. A big part of me wanted to "look away."

    (Grateful for the steadfastness and sustaining work of the Father.)