Wednesday, October 5, 2011

this is the day

my four-year-old nephew
awakened early this morning
during my sister's quiet time
when she told him that today was the day
to have the cast on his arm removed
he declared
this is the best day of my life!
i tried to pinpoint the best day of
my life
wedding day?
too stressful
babies' births?
too painful
the day i felt all well from ED?
there wasn't one magic day for that
so maybe i don't have a
best day of my life
and i'm okay with that
because every day is
a day the lord has made
i will rejoice
be glad

how about you? do you have a best day of your life?

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  1. I have never been a fan of that question or the worst day question...because each day has it's own special beauty and even joy...even the painful hard days. Of course at 4 I am pretty sure I would have agreed with your nephew! haha! Wonderful thoughts as usual Kendal. :)

  2. I can think of all the typical best days . . the one I was married on and the six birth days of my kids. But it seems like the BEST days are the ones that sneak up on me. The days when all feels right in my world, and I suddenly realize how wonderful the day and my life really are!

  3. Such a good point here -- every day is a gift.

  4. I think my best day is just a combination of good memories taht don't really happen on one day, but in my head they do!

  5. I have lots of great days, but not one best. My wedding day, the day we brought the girls home...those would top my list!!

  6. I love your perspective. I think yesterday may have been the best day of my life--just an ordinary day, but God showed me how truly blessed I am. And I know He will do that again and again. :)

  7. hmmm... i've had some pretty good days but it's so hard to pinpoint a best day. i love how for kids, it's so clear...

  8. Love the beaming smile on your nephew's face!

  9. thank you for sharing this lovely post. such a good reminder.

  10. My best day...has to be every day I say, "Lord, forgive me for that" and He does. You know I'm a little rough around the edges so I say those words A LOT!

  11. Aww... he is so sweet! I think each day has possibility to be a 'best day'. I know I have had lots of them... and lots more to come. All thanks to HIM! :)

  12. I feel like one of my best days is coming. Not sure how long the journey will take. But it's coming.