Sunday, October 9, 2011

in which i write (seriously) of small group and share an unrelated photo of a mostly-eaten pie

first pie of apple season
we gather in the yellow room
sitting on
old sofas
blue chairs
the low white table
in the middle too far from
anyone to be of much use
but to hold a purse maybe
today it's a little chilly
some days it's too hot
but the window units
drown us out
so we keep them off
i always sit on the left side
of the love seat
in front of the mysterious, plastic-wrapped
stained glass window
we laugh
we chat
we pray
we open our word
to romans and speak
they, these people sitting in the
old elementary classroom,
are brothers and sisters
we share a father in heaven
we share power from the holy spirit
small group
bible study
sunday school
call it what you want
i call it

and for these i am also thankful:

359. the smell of my bible
360. heart change for my girl, the one i mentor
361. bright red sourwood leaves
362. my younger son's youth band debut
363. apples, apple pie, apple butter
364. time with my twin
365. husband home from a short trip
366. my older son's convictions

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  1. i ate apple pie last night..not homemade but good:)
    yes..sounds lovely. I am praying to find a small home group.
    good to see heart change

  2. so lovely! and that pie looks delicious!

  3. Anytime leftovers are can find me in rm. 403.

  4. And lovely it is! Very much so. Thank you, Kendal.

  5. Call it what you want I call it
    lovely. That is a beautiful statement Kendal. Love it! :)

  6. awwww...the sense of community as we commune with Our Father...
    Does it get any better?

    Loved this...and the way it poured from your heart~

  7. the smell of your bible...I totally get that. When I read that I immediately could smell mine in my nose. Love the list and the random half eaten apple pie pic.

  8. YES! I knew I couldn't be the only one in the world who loves the smell of her Bible.

    This post made me smile. Thank you for sharing it!

  9. so true... My Bible is My Bible...I have tried to buy others or new ones... but I always go to the same one I have had for decades... wish someone would have told me I would imprint so much to it, when I bought it...

  10. I always sit in the same spot for our small group, too -- creature of habit, I guess.

    And speaking of pie...I was away over the weekend, and when I got home, I found that my husband had baked me an apple pie! Oh heaven. It was baked yesterday -- tonight Noah and I finished it off. I make short work of apple pie around here!

  11. Love that -- talking grace with friends who love God.

    Apples are on the menu here, too.

    Convictions of a son filled my eyes with tears. "I find no greater joy than my children walk in truth."

  12. There was a peacefulness in reading this, Kendall...a fragrance of God that I needed today.
    May He walk near, ~ linda

  13. In my bible study, everyone sits in the same spot now, week after week, because that is there chair and no one else can fill it like they can.

  14. oh yes, i call it lovely too, and something about your thankfuls always makes my heart overflow. love to you today, k.

  15. Yes. It is lovely. Very much so...