Friday, October 14, 2011

on catching

and this is the sloppy truth of the catching
i worshiped with my girl wednesday night
this is what i scrawled out in the dark
because i didn't want to forget
writing for 5 minutes on catch
i've been catching lately,
my thoughts, in a journal
and this isn't my
standard mode of operation
i like my thoughts
in new times roman 12
i like my thoughts
tucked away into folders on my computer
a hand written journal
is vulnerable
i've been carrying one lately
and not just for
grocery lists
directions to soccer fields
lesson plans
but for
snippets of conversations
rough drafts
and it's scary,
this catching,
end of five minutes!

what about you? do you journal? if so, handwritten or computer?

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  1. totally. I love this. I love how you are catching the thoughts. taking them captive. not letting them just run rampant in your head. So good sister! i love to just sit and doodle and write what I am thinking about...glad i found you this morning

  2. Actually writing words down physically is vulnerable. I feel the same way. It is one thing for them to be on your computer, you can delete them and they are washed away. When you put them to paper they are permanent. We can't take them away.

    I love your words for your girl. They are authentic and powerful. :)

  3. I write in a journal like a mad woman! I have since I was about 8 and my Nanny gave me a little diary with a tiny key to keep it locked up. I have evolved from writing about the little boy with freckles I had a crush on, to praying that my marriage is made stronger, my mother comes to know God, and the kids fulfill their dreams. Writing cleanses the murky stuff inside of me :)

  4. I DO! In fact, I started one not that long ago :) And I love it. I'm glad you're risking the vulnerable :)

  5. P.S. the link was to the first page of my journal :)

  6. I don't really journal, I have started and stopped very quickly numerous times. I do sometimes write my thoughts on my blog, but I've realized that some things I just can't really maybe I need to journal? I don't know, it's just not me...but on the other hand, I need to get it out.

    I would have to journal on the computer though, because writing is painful...I have had arthritis in my started a couple years ago. I can only write short notes.

    Thanks for sharing today...for being vulnerable. God bless you!

  7. I much prefer to write things down. Usually prayers, lists, verses etc. That is way more personal for me than typing! (something about typing still feels like school, guess that's why journaling seems so vulnerable huh?) And...I am giving one away today! (a journal that is!)

  8. I ALWAYS carry a journal, Kendal. To make a quick sketch, jot down something that inspires, have a conversation with God. . .

  9. I journal every way possible - journal writing, art journaling, gratitude journaling, have at least 5 ideas journals, computer journaling (when I feel too emotional and need to get feelings out fast - I can type quicker than write) & small notebooks I carry around - this is what made me bookbind, now I'm at it like crazy lol , thanks so much for sharing, interesting to read answers, much love Jenny

  10. Oh I wanted to read some more!Catch you again next time! Patsy from

  11. your scribblings... this worshiping with your girl... it made me cry.

  12. Your catching looks pretty neat to me for scrawling in the dark! lol I have things I want to remember everywhere! I have a pen and paper by the bed and I have barely legible scribbles of notes on there written in the dark! :)

  13. Love this.. I catch my thoughts.. on folders in my computer and on papers through out my house, tucked in my bible and even some spirals. Letters, words, thoughts. I try and catch all that speak to my spirit. Blessing.

  14. I do both but have added some doodling drawings to my written journal which is funny because all I really do is stick figures and first grade rainbows but it works. I like the idea of keeping a notebook in the van or in my purse.

  15. love the idea of this... of catching your thoughts/feelings/emotions/moments... thanks for visiting emily at my space the other day. i'm late as usual to say thanks! love that recent catching relating to your coffee grinder. how i can relate!! :)xo