Sunday, October 16, 2011

an observation

379. boys clearing land for a small orchard
i pressed start
on the coffee grinder this morning
and she didn't. start.
i heard sick,
so i brushed out that place
where grounds magically dump
into the receptacle for my use
tried again
got the same result
so i poked around with a knife,
and discovered a solid pack of
extra fine grounds
i performed surgery with the knife
this surgery lasted two minutes, thirty-seven seconds
the clean-up lasted five minutes, twenty-three seconds
i wonder how long it would
have taken me to read the directions
tie them as symbols
on your hands
bind them on your foreheads
write them on the doorframes
of your houses
and on your gates

and for these i am thankful
367. hillsong's god is able
368. sunrise
369. ginger snaps
370. missing a morning run to see the sunrise while making ginger snaps
371. afternoon runs!
372. unexpected, but very welcome visitors
373. worshiping with my girl and chris's cousin
374. studying romans with small group since january
375. anticipating james after romans
376. book club with mom
377. hot chocolate made with nutella!
378. exclamation points

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  1. So, don't throw things because I feel as if I should know this (because this isn't the first reference I've heard from you) BUT what is nutella?

    I thought it was organic peanut butter, but alas, that does not make sense in hot cocoa.

    Have a good week, friend.

  2. love the connection to reading the directions! And I love Nutella more than I should! Amy, it is a chocolate hazelnut spread, made of pure, unadulterated deliciousness!!!! Go buy some and just try a spoonful, you will be hooked for life! Kendall, I would love to know how to make Nutella hot chocolate!

  3. Seriously. The number of times I don't read the directions. I never learn.

  4. I've always been fascinated with the whole tying them on thing. So happy we can carry them in our heart. But I think the connection here is to tell them to your children. So we must verbalized the heart so they will know the importance of God's way.


  5. You know, this bring nourishment to my soul. I think that I seem to always be struggling with the same things and God just wants me to read the directions before I start acting...

  6. i see Grace in your observation is that the time it took for both things is exactly 8 minutes, the number of 'new beginnings'. Yes, maybe directions would have helped, but there is always a new beginning and growth when grace meets you in each place:}

  7. I love that we all can relate to this, Kendal! And now you have me thinking about cleaning out old, leftover gunk too...think my spirit needs a cleaning. I know where the directions for that are!

  8. Funny, isn't it, that we feel like we don't have time to read the directions. . . and then we end up spending more time recovering from not reading the directions than we would have spent reading them in the first place.

    So now God writes them on our hearts, but we still have to submit to reading them. And we balk at that, too.

    We are natural-born balkers. Thank God for new birth! And for his patient teaching.

    Thanks so much for linking to Grace Imparted!

  9. I'm in the "need-to-know" about the Nutella thing! And if you could run a mile for me, that would be great. Coffee is worth any amount of mess. And I like when you are featured here and there :)

  10. Love the connection you made here to scripture and the nutella hot chocolate sounds fabulous. We are nutella fans in our house!

  11. very cleverly put--our stubbornness when it comes to hearing God! there are steps to the process, but so many times we just go about doing it in the way that makes sense or seems most expedient.
    i loved this.
    so glad i heard your story this day!

  12. Reading the directions. Always a good place to start!

    I can be obsessive about it though, not wanting to participate in life until I am thoroughly prepared for all contingencies. I'm trying to find the right balance between study and practice.

  13. As always, you make me smile! Wish I lived closer...I could have brought you a hot venti something while you were doing surgery with the knife.
    Love to you!
    Cindy :)

  14. I love this! It made me laugh:) Thanks for the encouragement!

  15. Reading the instructions something so simple and something we often don't do. Then we wonder why life is the way it is. Thank you for the reminder.

    PS: I know how you felt about the coffee. I had to buy a new coffee maker because my old one took 45 minutes to brew.