Sunday, October 23, 2011

sudan, sunday and salsa

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in my classes on friday
we studied sudan. genocide. refugees.
and i was overwhelmed
by humanity's capacity
to injure
i stood in the hallway
that same day
supervising seventh grade
class change
the disparaging words
i heard
spat from boy to girl
wounded more than a slap
and i was overwhelmed
by humanity's capacity
to injure
i left school feeling
so sad
but worship today reminded me
that the one seated on the throne
does. not. change.
and he declares,
i am making

and for these i am thankful -

380. vacuuming. actually, thankful to have a floor. reminded of the blessing while i vacuumed!
381. my husband's support team. he reached 100% of his funding this week!
382. my son, hank. he took a stand this week. one that wasn't easy.
383. my son, jack. he handled disappointment well yesterday.
384. fall vegetables from the garden
385. one last batch of salsa
386. lunch with friends from my old church
387. sunday afternoon and evening with just my husband
388. my girl, the one i mentor.
389. my friend, cindy who wrote about my book here. follow the link - she's giving a copy away!

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  1. Just this morning I read an article about bullying, and how one young man took his life as a result. And I saw myself in that article. My ability to injure others with my words or lack of words. Then, I went to church and found myself overwhelmed by God's great love for me in spite of me. Grace is just way more than I deserve. Yes, He is making everything - even me - making us all new.

  2. i'm thankful God has sent a loving heart to care for those who are injured.

  3. the one seated on the throne
    does. not. change.

    THAT, love, is rich. that is above all forces of bullying, of harshness, of sorrow and screams.

    praise Him.

  4. Sometimes I think it's good to have those times when what you see really impacts you. It makes you notice the good (like your floors!) even more.

  5. Sometimes the rawness of this world overwhelms. But grace...

  6. It is so sad to see how words can hurt like that. But HE does not change. Exactly! Vacuuming... my favorite chore! So happy to hear your girl is happy. How wonderful that your husband reaching his funding! :)

  7. There is so much hurt out there that it is hard to wrap our heads around it! And we have to know that the ones who do the injuring have also been injured and need so desperately to know the love of their Heavenly Father. Thank you for these words today! :-)

  8. Hurtful words and sometimes silence when a word is needed. All painful to witness, especially in children. It is the one thing I have a hard time overcoming, when I know someone has said something hurtful to my children. Always pray for God to sheild their hearts from anything taking root. Enjoy your blog!

  9. One human's capacity to injure another? Oh my word. Humans' capacity to injure others? Oh wow. It's practically impossible to take in, isn't it?

    Yet here we are--still here by the grace of God. With so much evil all around, yet so many good things happening, too. Amazing how God is patient and kind, isn't it? And his love for his children! Absolutely breath-taking.

    Thank you for sharing yourself!

  10. This is a beautifully written post. Human's do have the capacity to injure one another but thankfully God gave us the ability to love each other too. I am so glad your girl is happy...I think your love had something to do with that :)

  11. . . . all is grace. I cannot imagine what all you see day to day in the school system- and I agree, around the world- humans capacity to injure others is overwhelming- and then there is grace. what would we ever do without it?

  12. That picture of Sudan just shocks my senses. It looks like "nowhere". How blessed we are! And I complain about having to go to Walmart!! Lord, forgive me!

  13. oh friend. i love the parallel here. and i ache with you. and amen. xo

  14. Such an important point you make so clearly here, Kendal: our capacity to harm. But also God's overwhelming capacity to heal and offer grace, again and again.