Wednesday, November 30, 2011

seven letters

my girl, the one i mentor
my girl, the one i love inexplicably
is a fighter
with little strength today
battle-weary and worn
she came to me
i hugged her hard
said i understand
and she
said a sentence i want to keep forever
it's okay -
i'm going to go to church
get some prayer....
not ask for prayer
get some prayer
i laughed a joyous laugh for
the strength
of those seven letters
i laughed a joyous laugh
for the hope
in those seven letters
and my girl?

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  1. That is a total God-Thing.

    I love the expectancy in her words: to "get some" prayer... Because she *knows* it will happen. Love it.

    I am delighted that you would choose to share your special story over @ Getting Down With Jesus. I love your voice and your insights. You are a blessing.

  2. love this! been praying for her. and love, too, how she words her expectancy. her hope.
    what a testimony of strength and perseverance.

  3. She got some from me today too!!! Praying for that sweet girl, and you as you walk with her through this!!!!!

  4. i love what jennifer said. this getting prayer, it's an expectant thing... i love the heart of this girl, her courageous heart, and your heart too, how it beats for her. bless you kendal.

  5. Beautiful hope. Causes me to always consider perseverance. It pays off, yes?

  6. beautiful - sweet sweet children really have the ability to see Him- it's precious. over the last decade, I've found my way back to the God of my childhood. I don't know what your little one is fighting- I'll have to read more of your blog to find out- but my heart is drawn to pray for her- please let her know. She's "getting" some more prayer - right now.

  7. so well spoken for one so small. Good for her!
    Thank you for sharing this intimate, personal God-Incidence.
    I had God-Bumps as I read! :)
    Keep up the God work.