my girl

i don't have a daughter. but i have a girl. she was almost seventeen when she first called me in november, 2010. her dad told her to. and she did. and i am so glad. i taught her when she was an eighth grader, so we knew each other, but her dad wanted us to talk because he knew i had recovered from anorexia and he thought she was there. and she was. she was broken, scared, angry....since that first conversation, we have had a nearly constant line of communication. she taught me to text! we talk, text, visit. i can tell her that i understand, and she knows i do. and i write about her because she is an integral part of my life now. and i write about her because i want her to see, through my words, how much i care. and i write about her because i know my readers will pray for her. and i've written about her in these places:

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