Friday, August 12, 2011

on beauty

my nephew and me
beach trip 2011
writing for five minutes on beauty

my husband calls me beautiful
even yesterday when he
found me running
hair running amok
he stopped the tractor and said
you are beautiful
this is treasure
losing ed
has allowed me the  freedom
to like myself
inside and out
and i'm praying for my girl
the one i mentor
the one who is losing ed
instead of weight
i'm praying for her as
she continues her journey
toward freedom
toward liking herself
won't you join me?

even if you have never commented on a blog before, will you try today? i would love for my girl to read your words of encouragement today. just click on the word comments then scroll to the box and write what you would like. then you may either click on anonymous or name/URL. if you click on name/URL, simply type your name in the appropriate box. you may leave the URL box blank. then publish your comment.

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  1. Great post. I'm popping over from Gypsy Mama. I don't know the story of your girl, but I pray she comes to embrace the true meaning of beauty.

  2. Praise God for losing ed. I have been on the verge of ed many times in my life. Though I've never fully fallen into it, I know that losing it is a huge accomplish. Praying for your girl to find the strength in Christ to overcome ed!

  3. To the girl Kendal mentors:

    I have battled with food addiction -- the too much instead of too little kind. For me, it was trying to fill this void with food that was only really ever to be satisfied with a relationship with God. A relationship that didn't relish perfection, but grace. I could never find a way to give myself any grace and so I turned to food to help me satisfy...

    And I still struggle with beauty, but I know more fully now, that I am whole because of Him.

    I pray for you.

  4. Hey girl! Praying for your "girl" knowing that in Christ, there is true freedom from anything that would seek to keep us in bondage. She is loved, and more beautiful than she will ever know in His eyes!I am praying for continued bravery, and perseverance as she continues in the journey to renew her mind and be grounded in who she was made to be in Christ!

  5. I pray for you daily, sweet girl.

  6. Kendall, I'm visiting from Gypsy Mama. Really powerful post, as is your ED post!

    I do pray your young friend will find freedom in the journey. Lies can lure us so fast and grace take time to heal. I pray the grace you pour out from an understanding heart will point her constantly to Jesus. Our true beauty giver.

  7. K,
    Praying for your girl, the one you pray for and love. Praying for her to find an extra amount of support and strength today.

  8. Coming in from Studio one time I was dancing around with Ed, too...tho' he chases women, he'll chase a man, both know how insatiable he is, how controlling...I too would not have seen what he was doing; how he used the culture we live in to disguise his lies...but the funny thing was, as I opened my heart more and more to Jesus, the appeals Ed used didn't have the same first, they did - but a relationship with Jesus took time away from Ed and He was actually much more fun...there was a praise song from back then, that really states what happened...
    "Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
    look full in His wonderful face. And the things of earth grow strangely dim,
    in the light of His glory and grace."

    I bless you in your journey to fullness in Him!

  9. How be called beautiful...and to know that He is making us more and more beautiful with each passing day...through each circumstance.

    Praying for your special girl to recognize her true beauty...hidden inside....and that she will allow it to radiate to those around her. Blessings!

  10. oh kendal, how i love this post... that your husband calls you beautiful. what a gift. and may your girl know, how deep the love the father...

  11. I often wonder why so much time is spent on our perishable bodies and so little on eternal souls. Why has it been such a struggle for so many? I've found freedom from it, freedom that comes from knowing who I am in Christ. Your girl is God-created. The same God that made a beautiful monarch, a rose, a puppy dog, a fashion model, her mom made your little girl, and God's finger prints are all over his creation just like any artist. And just as we can see similarities in any artists work, we can see those similarities in God's work. It's all beautiful, and it all has a story to tell. I wonder what story God is trying to tell through your little girl's life. I hope she'll let him tell it because I know it's beautiful just the way he wrote it! Grace and peace . . .

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  13. You do indeed look beautiful Kendal, and to your girl: True beauty shines from what is inside you. Listen to your mentor who has walked your path, be inspired by the beauty that shines from within her and know that you can - and will - do likewise for others who are following you.

  14. Kendal ~ My heart is so full after reading your beautiful post, and then peeking at your comments filled with powerful words and prayers. What a blessing! I am praying today for your girl...that the lies and false beliefs will be "ripped down", and that her mind would be "rewallpapered" (as Beth Moore taught us) with the Truth. And may God infuse you, dear Kendal, with His grace, Truth, and joy as you journey together with your sweet sister.
    Grateful to lift you both before the Throne.
    xoxo Cindy :)

  15. yes ~ praying for her on her journey of liking herself . . .

  16. Praying for your sweet girl as she continues her journey toward freedom! You are beautiful!!

  17. To the girl Kendal mentors:

    Praying for you right now that the lies that call you 'ugly' will be defeated forever by the Power of a Risen Saviour who loved you enough to die for you and conquered the source of all lies...may His view of you, He who made you, exquisitely beautiful, be your vision and hope and Life more and more!!! So thankful for the chance to pray for you and for your mentor, Kendal, who loves you and who God has given you to walk alongside you and fight for you! much love, abby:}

  18. What an awesome picture of redemption, you, and your girl. Praying for her and that she will stay the course as hard as it may be some days. That she will see the fruit of believing and resting in His view of her; the reality of His lavished love on her and that losing ed will be a daily victory for her until it can be looked at as something in her past. I know that was a run on but since when did God care about runons in a prayer, right? Right. I hate leaving comments on English teacher's blogs! Ha, I'm kidding my friend.
    You? Well, you are beautiful.

  19. There are many lies that take us down the wrong path. The one I've struggled with is you have to be perfect before you can be loved. God has led me to a place of peace and acceptance, knowing that it's ok to make mistakes, to fail, everyone who is human does that. And the best news of all is that He loves us no matter what...every day is a chance to begin anew...and it's ok to accept myself with all my imperfections! Love and prayers that you and your girl can stay in God's light and truth.