Monday, August 15, 2011

in which i write about a recliner

when my sons were infants, one of my favorite places on earth was the blue, upholstered rocking recliner (now a favored place to play video games, but i digress.) i could lie back, my legs criss-cross-applesauce and rock while a little man slept on my chest. conformed. hank or jack, doesn't matter which son, he was part of me and it was peace. (for hank, this was the only time he wasn't crying, but again, i digress.) we read in romans yesterday, do not be conformed to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. then you will be able to test and approve the will of god, his good, pleasing and perfect will. allegiance is my choice, but whatever i choose, the world or christ, we will become one. the world is here, now, tangible. the world is alluring with her riches and her beauty and her comforts, but conformity doesn't always bring the peace of a sleeping infant....

and for these i am thankful:

291. folding my husband's t-shirts
292. little league (our little county has sent a team of 11-12 year old girls to the world series. they play the philippines tomorrow. beat italy today.)
293. my girl, the one i mentor. we shopped for groceries together saturday.
294. school - kids, lessons, the whole bit
295. breakfast for supper
296. running in the rain
297. discussing scripture with godly men and women

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  1. Making me smile when you "digress." :)

    "allegiance is my choice", and how terribly sad when we choose poorly...Father, forgive us...

  2. conformity doesn't always bring the peace of a sleeping infant-very powerful statement. Thank you for this reminder. As always, lovely.

  3. How right you are, dearest Kendal.

    I had a non-stop crier, too -- he spent most of his first 6 months in the bjorn. He's still a snuggler, 10 years later.

    And I love #291...

  4. I am in the middle of reading 1000 gifts...your list is beautiful. Praying moments of transformation and the peace that comes from resting in His pleasing and perfect will...Blessings on your week~

  5. This rocked my world: but conformity doesn't always bring the peace of a sleeping infant....

    You are right! Do you know how many times I have said "this just isn't logical?" And yet, is He bound by the logic of this world? Oh no. That peace only comes from Him, whether we deem it logical or not.

  6. Love to hear #293. Breakfast for supper... love those days! :)

  7. Oh, what memories you bring to mind! Those were precious days.

  8. You're so right, Kendal! I want to be apart from, and other than, the world! Thank you for this post. Here from Jen's.

  9. I loved it when children were little and a comfy chair always did the trick. What do we now, Kendal, when they're growing up and a chair doesn't stop the whining? :) (and I'm trying to embrace #294 this week!) Blessings, friend!

  10. Hi, Kendal!
    I wholeheartedly agree with you & love how you phrase these thoughts! The pressure to conform reminds me of my post last week about "Currents."
    Blessings, girl!

  11. "but whatever i choose, the world or christ, we will become one." Become! That statement makes me want to turn on my heels and run straight into the arms of Jesus, never looking back at the world ever again. Lord, transform me, mold me, embrace me in oneness with YOU~

    Thank YOU for this post!

  12. amen girl! And how awesome are you to be thankful for folding your hubby's shirts! School started today...I was a little sad to see my summer go, but love that I get to start over again!

  13. Love the image you gave me of "conformed" here and where you went with it, Kendal. Thanks for making me think...and read again! And I love #295!

  14. Reading this post brought me a sense of peace as I remembered the feel of sleeping infants on my own chest. What a beautiful metaphor!