Wednesday, May 9, 2012

what you might not see in a restaurant

eating sweet potato pancakes
in a restaurant
that has rocking chairs out front
and a gumball machine at the register
my girl, the one i mentor,
sits across from me
and the men in suspenders
and the wives with hair freshly done
don't see her struggle
how she doesn't want to
eat it all
how she doesn't want to
eat at all
but for the glory of the lord
but for the renown of his name
she dips each piece in syrup
and forges her path to
i. am. so. proud.

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  1. Such a wonderful snapshot of your relationship with her. This is what the Bible talks about when it talks about older women teaching and encouraging the younger ones.

  2. so thankful she has a patient friend to take each of these some they may look like baby steps...but in this world...giant steps. blessings as you continue to pour into her life.
    I do love those sweet potato pancakes:)

  3. yay i am glad you are in her life...and that she is overcoming...and others may not see it but you do...smiles...

  4. Mentoring relationships are so important. I'm so thankful you have one another.

  5. I love when you share about this relationship. It's really beautiful. You're really beautiful, you know it? You are ...

  6. Thankful for your girl. Thankful for you.

    I know I've said this before, but I always wonder what your girl thinks of this whole world of believer who love her and life her up...and yet don't know her.

  7. It just proves that we all need to be involved in our neighbor's life...everyone is carrying around heavy burdens and we can help them, if we only know. It's so beautiful, what you're doing.

  8. Thanks for this post. The powerful impact others in our lives who can help in that battle is so valuable and not to be overlooked..helps bring freedom and I know the change and healing it brings; thanks for sharing the journey you have with your girl.

  9. oh girl. i love how you love on her. and wondering, can i share this at my ED blog sometime? if so, could you email it to me at love to you.

  10. totally know what you mean,
    "she dips each piece in syrup
    and forges her path to
    its the small victories along the post brings back so many memories of days I spent like that

  11. i shed tears. my mother has suffered with a life long eating disorder. it pains me so.