Sunday, May 6, 2012

on hearing god along the road

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life has been a bit noisy of late
cheerleading tryouts
baseball games
dinners with family and friends
and all of it good
but sometimes hearing god
above the din of normalcy
is impossible
so i ran the mountain this misty morning
and all i heard was my
slap slap slapping feet
beside the
yarrow and daisies
and i was
and this

what do you think about worshiping alone in nature?

continuing to count his gifts to 1000 -

633. hand-stitched apron from a friend
634. mother-in-law cleaning the kitchen
635. plans for the SDG retreat in october!
636. indigo bunting perched on blackberry stalk
637. mountain laurel in full bloom
638. baseball games
639. cheerleading tryouts
640. dinners with family and friends
641. dusty ceramic salt and pepper shakers from grandma's house
642. text messages from my girl, the one i mentor
643. my sister-in-law's water bottle sitting beside mine on the newspaper box this morning

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  1. What a perfect post to read first thing this morning. I loved every single word! Rich and refreshing! Thank you and may God bless you with deep peace and joy immeasurable today. :)

  2. What do I think about worshipping God alone, in nature?

    I've found that's where I can usually hear His voice the best.

    Corporate worship and interaction with other believers is important, but time alone with God is essential.

  3. it...especially if I can run in the silence of nature...glad you got to have a worship service this morning...blessings~

  4. beautiful, precious worship. some of my best times with God are on the pavement together.

  5. Sometimes He doesn't even need to speak. Just enjoying His presence is all I need, too.

  6. I love it! I don't have a mountain nearby but there are some beautiful trails around here that are just ripe for taking a walk with God. :) Thanks for reminding me, Kendal!

  7. Kendal, your post makes me hungry for more...of God. For quiet spaces
    for the quiet Douglas Beach where I can walk the sand and turn a corner and be anonymous and rest beside the lapping of the Lake Michigan shore.
    Thanks for your poetry

  8. There is something sacred about worshiping the Creator of all things while submersed in His handiwork, isn't there! So thrilled to know you take delight in it, too!
    Glad to be neighbors over at Ann's today. Blessings to you!
    All for Him,

  9. Yes, so good to break away from the busyness of our moments, and just walk, watch, and listen ... enjoyed reading your words.

  10. stopping over from Ann's. What a wonderful list. I think God delights in us delighting in his creation. Worship can happen alone or corporately - both work and both bring him glory!

  11. Came over from Ann's today, and so glad I did! Such a beautiful post! Nature just has a way of whispering God's voice to us, doesn't it? It's a quiet place with so much beauty. And when we look and listen, He speaks! My post today was also about nature. Your list was so beautiful, and I had a hard time picking a favorite. But I HAD to go with the first -- the hand stitched apron! What a beautiful gift!

  12. It is hard not to think of God when we are out in nature...enjoying His creation! My thoughts go to Him every time! Blessings, Joan

  13. Aside from church, out in nature is really the only place I am able to truly worship God. So yeah, I totally get that running and worshipping in the mountain mist.

  14. Somehow I never feel alone in nature, but I always am grateful for the beauty and wonder around me.

    Visiting from Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood hop and am a new follower. I hope you have a moment to visit me and follow if you'd like!


  15. beautiful! awesome - love the #633 hand stitched apron ;)

  16. Lovely, Kendal! I love finding beauty when I'm out running (have you seen my [un]framed page on Facebook? I post photos I take when out on my runs). That ismy favorite way to meet with God. Thanks for the beauty shared here.