Friday, May 4, 2012

my real dining table

writing for five minutes on real

and this is my real dining table
six place mats and napkins, crumby and lying askew
one computer and charger
another computer charger
my bible, reading glasses atop
a loaf of bread
an envelope covered with my husband's notes scrawled in pen
the pen
a graduation announcement
a bag of hot dog buns
my husband's bible, duct taped
a small, white paper bag containing corn kernels for planting
yesterday's mail, sports illustrated showing
a pink, one-quart nalgene bottle
an ipod charger
a paper towel, folded accordion style
two baseball hats adorn my older son's chair
and now my older son's cereal bowl has joined the
so what's on your table?

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  1. As of three weeks, a piece of fabric supposed to become a blanket but stubbornly not. A sewing machine. Pins and needles. A mess!

  2. One cup of tea, five books, four bracelets, a laptop, and nine stacks of paper.
    I think I have a problem;)

  3. you are invited to follow my blog

  4. WOW...sometimes I'm just tickled to see what you can make into an awesome poem! Way to be truly caffeinated and random today!

  5. dried cheerios that escaped the table wipe-down this morning; teacher gifts that still wait to be wrapped, a baby gift that needs to be mailed and two graduation gifts that are also waiting to be covered up in paper. Napkins. Salt/Pepper and that's about it. :)