Wednesday, May 2, 2012

21 words on my new(ish) church

where i least expected blessing
compassions avalanched
i am grateful
my small group community
that studies the

how about you? what is your favorite part of church?

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  1. My favorite part of church...the extravagant visual it provides of the body of Christ...large and various and challenging. The church does not live in the walls of the building we go to on Sunday. It is vast and colorful and full of language and song, a cacophony of glory to the Lord.

    Visiting from God-Bumps

  2. The fostering of community, the rituals, singing together. Visiting from the Life Unmasked link up.

  3. definitely the people...they are the church to me...

  4. My favorite part of church at the moment is having people side by side to praise God with.

  5. My favorite is finding the organic elements, the way it unfolds and folds back in, always changing, always evolving.

  6. So much! Beyond my husband, the pastor (which I guess is kind of cheating), I would say how loved my children feel by the people in the community. My kids L.O.V.E going to church and that warms my heart. It is, for them, a fun, loving, place where they encounter the Christ I want them to learn about in the people that hug them as they walk in.

  7. I worshipped with women from all kinds of faith traditions last night. It was incredible to be together---the Church!!! Loved it.

  8. the people: they become *my* people. and i see God in their faces and i'm in love.

  9. love our corporate worship...

    thanks for linking up...grace!

  10. I love sitting in rows and hearing the ruffling of Bible pages on a Sunday morning. <3

  11. Where I least expected blessing - love that, because sometimes it's so true. My favorite part - music/worship.

  12. I attend a small multi-generational church in the country. I often joke that my church *is* my small group.

    The youngest member is 4 months old, and the oldest is 90.

  13. My favorite part of church is when, like a family, we see each other's faults and weaknesses and chose to extend grace and to love anyway.