Sunday, April 29, 2012

and i write about depression one last time

the rite-aid
techs know my name
and automatically pull my prescription
when they see me
i zoom through
electronic check-out like a pro
for depression.
for years.
and at first
i felt
i began to feel well
i was able to give
i returned to prayer
i found god's kendal again
so for now
i have medication on my shelf
this is god,
who will himself restore me
and make me strong, firm and steadfast

where do you see god in the places people don't usually look?

continuing to count his gifts to 1000 -

625. meeting blogger amy sullivan in real life
626. and meeting new friends at the in-real-life conference
627. a weekend of music at merlefest
628. a mother-in-law who did my chores so i could have all this fun
629. honest, loving, wise small group members
630. my girl, the one i mentor, for loving me, despite
631. my husband, who thanks me for marrying him
632. chickens and garden growing

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  1. Thank you for sharing about your depression. Sounds like your meds have gotten a pretty good handle on it for you. I'm glad for your sake. May the Lord bless and keep you.

  2. What powerful blessings! What amazing liberation! I am so excited you are getting to meet in real-time these wonderful neighbors in the blogahood!

  3. Thanks for always keeping your space real, an area to share struggles and hope. Love that.

    Also, love that I'm #625, and I'm appriciating your mother-in-law from a distance for helping you with those chores.

    Excited for our next meet-up!

  4. Thanks for being real. Praying for your ability to rest in Him.

  5. Stay strong!
    There are many great books in this area:
    Here is one:
    Good Luck :)

  6. Thanks for publish about your depression. You wrote super lyrics.
    I like your this post. I can see you as a real person. God bless you.


  7. Good, honest post... thank you for sharing.

    P.S. love your thankful list!

  8. I said a prayer for you this morning. It's a good list. So glad you got to meet your friends (in)RL.

  9. You know, Kendal? I wish more women had the courage to speak up about their depression to encourage those who are too embarrassed to get help for theirs. Your honesty is a ministry and the fact that you can talk about your struggles openly points to your understanding of a God who loves you and created you and that walks with you through valleys and mountains. So, so good to meet you, girl.

  10. You speak the truth my friend. I have been fighting depression since the birth of my second child and the right medication has restored me. So as your pharmacist and your friend...I am right there with ya. Penny

  11. Oh! How lovely to 'meet' you! (coming through Hear it on Sunday, Use it on Monday)

    Sometimes I really begin to think that I am the only one in blogsphere, at least only to the furthest blogs I've been blessed to read, that wrote anything about Clinical Depression and the usage of medication.

    I had a VERY hard time accepting this diagnosis, yet after years of denial, and now finally understanding - I see back to the age of early adolesence the symptoms of the disease. Now I thank God for the medication, I truly see it as the pill from His hand straight to my mouth.

    Blessings to you! And thank you for sharing :)
    Hope to see you visit at my blog sometime.

    In Jesus, Deanna

  12. Oh my dear Sister-in-Christ, how I can relate!! In Him, we are made whole and He uses many different ways to make this happen. We just need to be open to Him as He leads us in becoming the "women that God created us to be".

  13. Thank you for sharing from your heart today Kendall. God is good to us and uses many methods and means.

    Love your list of gifts.

  14. yes...He will be your strength...He will meet you every step of the way...let Him tell you how much He loves you...right here...right now...Blessings to you~

  15. Thank you for being transparent and honest...real. So glad you found God's Kendall again :)

  16. As all the others have said, thank you for your honesty. It means a lot!

  17. Depression can be so crippling! I am so thankful that God has provided medicine that helps.

    Thank you for writing honestly about a difficult topic.

  18. You go girl...every good thing, every perfect gift is from God. I am thanking God that you were brave and did what it takes. The commercials are right depression hurts.

  19. How great that you were able to meet some online friends. I did the same this past weekend. I love my chickens too!

  20. I take medication every for depression, too. Once or twice I've tried to come off it, with no good outcome. So I have accepted it and am grateful I can be me again.

    I appreciate your honesty on this topic, Kendal. xxoo

  21. This was beautiful. I find God in my medicine cabinet as well and every time I get a migraine (2-3 a week)I thank God for the meds.

  22. I am so happy you found God's Kendal again! That is great! The most unlikely place I have found God has been in caring for the "gross," like colostomies and catheters. I can't do it without him.

  23. Some day I hope to meet some of my blogging friends. I think it would be so neat!

  24. yes. i "got" this, from the first word to the last. i look forward to the day of seeing Him face to face. of finally feeling whole and well and complete without the weight of this world. won't it be freeing? but while we still walk this earth. . . i'm thankful He's right there beside me, along with help in whatever form He makes it available.
    blessings to you this day,

  25. As one who takes medication for depression, I get it. It has helped clear the fog so I can see more clearly. Great post and list. Blessings!

  26. Makes me smile that you are feeling well again. Aren't you thankful God has given man the intellect to put together medications that help us so? I have been so often.

  27. so happy for you for #625, and for medication on the shelf. i too understand. the rite-aid people are my friends too. for a few reasons. wish i could have met you at the IRL with amy!

  28. Love how you said "I found God's Kendall again." Such freedom in that phrase.

  29. What a beautiful testimony to the faithfulness of our great God! It is such a blessing that, rather than trying to mask your pain and struggles, you offer them to God and allow Him to heal you and use them to minister hope and healing to others. It was such a privilege to meet you Saturday! You are an incredible lady with an incredible story and an incredible heart. May God continue to use your life as a witness to His greatness! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  30. Look at that beautiful bunch of ladies! And you. This is what real, deep beauty does: share the heart work. And He is doing an amazing work in you, my friend.

  31. God bless you precious lady. Thanks for sharing your heart. I am proud of you for the way you are dealing with your depression.

  32. Kendal
    I think you can take the question mark off the writer?
    There is no doubt.
    And please don't stop writing on this subject. It is good to write from inside what is hard and allow us to travel with you.

  33. nice....i know plenty that medication has helped...i def dont think there is a stigma to using it appropriately...esp if it helps you find the you that god knows...