Monday, January 7, 2013

us, last night

my girl, the one i mentor
click here to check out her new blog:)
i sat at table with four teens
last night
(a walt-whitman-miracle)
the olders reminiscing middle school
while i busied myself with not
their futures frayed
before they even embark
one guest was my girl, the one i mentor,
a college student
wise with words
beautiful to the core
i still can't answer all her questions
i still can't advise her every move
i can listen and understand
marvel at her

continuing to count his gifts to 1000-

886. my family of four at the dinner table
887. my girl, the one i mentor, she started a blog!
888. chickens following me about the year
889. dog following me about the yard
890. cat following me about the yard
891. nieces requesting a privette lunch at bojangles
892. rosemary sprigs in old blue jars
893. anxiety lifted
894. hawk on fence post
895. bluebird alighted on branch
896. husband's calls when he is away

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  1. kendal, i love your words. really, truly, love your words.

  2. Friendships with younger women are beautiful gifts, aren't they? Gladdest with you for #893, anxiety lifted. Visiting from Playdates today.

    Grace and peace to you in our Lord Jesus Christ.

  3. I love this, Kendal. It touched a chord in my heart - capturing my feelings when I have conversations with my 20-something sons. I can't do much to affect their futures - but I can listen and understand and pray.

    #893 - oh, that is DEFINITELY one to be thankful for!


  4. Love this! Going to follow "your girl's" blog!

  5. oh yes... marvel at her Jesus-strength! beautiful!

  6. Your girl, your girl! This makes me want to hug her and hug you all at once.

  7. Love this!! What a blessing you are to everyone around you!

  8. Listening is a beautiful gift! May God bless you and her!

  9. ahh...this is so sweet & beautiful & love 'your girl's' comment here:} hugs!! {p.s. my twin just started a writing blog & is currently writing much more than me...yeah for her & boo for me:(}

  10. gorgeous, kendal, how God is using your life for His beautiful purposes. off to visit your girl. she's incandescent, that one.

  11. She is so beautiful! I'm heading over to her place to say hi.

    {I laughed at your blog post the other day about the journal!}

  12. You always grab me from the first sentence. Acceptance of what we cannot change really opens us up for viewing blessings.

  13. Oh my word! How cool to see a photo of the young woman you mentor! I'll pop over to say hello. :)

  14. Praising God with tears in my eyes for this young women of God and the amazing things He has done for her and will do with her. Thanking God for placing you in her life. You may not have all the answers but you are there and that's worth so much more sometimes.

  15. Marveling at your Jesus-strength too. She is a beautiful young lady. Heading over to say hi!