Friday, January 4, 2013

notebook envy

my friend michelle has a
tattered, stained
and, well,
i am envious
worn-out notebook
she started counting her 1000 gifts
on actual paper
whereas mine
are on my computer
and, well,
i want the notebook
i guess i could steal hers
but she lives far away
and is thankful for her dish rack
and i don't even have a dish rack
i will take the opportunity
to start one. a notebook.
at number 885
and 885 will be....
a notebook for counting gifts....

i cannot more highly recommend counting gifts/blessings/thankfuls. a life of gratitude for god's gifts leads to joy. are you counting gifts? where do you keep your list?

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  1. yes, mine are simply on the computer, too, but i've determined to start a notebook this year. something i can keep handy. for the moment. when i don't have access to the computer.
    i think it will help me be more mindful and more ready to seize grateful moments. at least, that's what i'm counting on :-)

  2. I have counted gifts off and on since I read the book almost two years ago. Has it really been almost two years??? I wrote them in random places, rarely in the same place. So yes, I DO wish I had a tattered notebook like your friend's too! Maybe I will start afresh, like you...

  3. Yes, I have written my gratitude list on paper, and sometimes, on my iPhone - always something special about real paper. So I understand what you are saying here. Enjoy a new year of recording 1000 Gifts! (Visiting from In the Studio)

  4. Thanks for linking up at the True Vine Challenge. Just this morning I was telling my friend April about 1000 gifts. After the day I've had, maybe I need to pull out my own gratitude journal again. I think it got packed into the empty Christmas decorations box and it looks like we'll be filling that box up tomorrow afternoon.

    Blessings to you!

  5. Makes me glad for my American Express agendas. Years ago I started using the desk size as a journal. Just stacked 2012 with six of its peers. Love starting a new one in the new year.

  6. I'm an on-and-offer-gift writer--notebooks, scraps, whatever. This year I bought Ann's devotional with space for counting 1000 gifts in the back. I figure since I spent the money on it, I'll be more disciplined. :)

  7. I have never heard of counting your blessings in this manner but I like it! I think I will start today - #1 Thankful to be able to connect with other believers all over the world. Thanks for sharing

  8. Computers are super efficient but notebooks and journals are like windows into your soul. I keep a couple around to jot ideas, things I want to talk about and things I'm grateful for. They're like my little secrets. No one else needs to know what I'm thinking. Just me.

  9. I am planning on doing a 30-day gratitude challenge with my teenage daughter as a joint project for the new year - I am looking forward to it.

  10. I think 885 is a marvelous place to start :) And your notebook looks like mine! No dish racks mentioned on my pages, glad we all have different gifts to count. Happy new year to you.

  11. oh yes... something about putting pen to paper to count those gifts. i so love it!