Thursday, January 10, 2013

dear chris (if i could chatter in your ear today)

my chris, on mission

i would tell you....
the chickens have been cooped 
for two whole days 
(an accident)
the dog was sprayed by a skunk 
23 seconds after 
i fed him this morning
(i sprinted in, so i was spared)
i seem to have left my cloak of patience 
at home today
(maybe it's on the laundry room floor?)
i devised my own stinkbug trap, 
and ten died because of it
(evil-witch laugh)
hank found his 
(at the wrestling club)
i love you 
(to the moon and back sixty-three-trillion times)
i would tell you
if i could chatter in your ear

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  1. I love this ... I have gone on lots of missions trips and I have stayed home on even more. Staying home is hard ... and so many things go wrong. It is almost humorous ... almost.

    Happy reunion upon Chris' return with lots of time to really chatter in his ear.


  2. fav line-- (evil witch laugh)

    is this when I'm supposed to ask again if you're happy for Chris that he's on a trip? ;)

    hang in there, chick ;)

    love you!

  3. Loved this, kendal! Chris is a lucky guy.

    And I agree with Emily - the evil witch laugh made ME chuckle right out loud!! (Mwa ha ha...)


  4. okay, I know I'm not supposed to dwell on the part about the stink bug trap....but how did you do it????? I hate those suckers and they're all over our place. Hope Chris has a great trip!

  5. can i get the stink bug trap design? i know chris misses your chatter in his ear, i sure do


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  7. Sometimes it's helpful to recount the steps, isn't it? I'm sure he would listen attentively and laugh along with you.

    I'm smiling at the stink bug trap. They totally gross me out.

  8. Sounds like quite an eventful day. I've been on missions, but never been the one left home. Thanks for the insightful post

  9. Hope you're reunited with him soon!