Sunday, January 13, 2013

if you say marvel enough times it starts to sound weird

another one of my brother's great shots
i word-searched an
english standard version 
and found that all kinds of people
marveled when jesus was around...
the men
the crowds
the disciples
the pharisees
jesus's father and mother
the jews
jesus. marveled.
which makes him more human to me,
that he could be astonished, taken aback
he encountered a centurion-whose-servant-lay-dying
and jesus offered to walk with him home
but the centurion answered
just say the word
when jesus heard this, he marveled 
at the man's faith
but when jesus-son-of-god
returned to his hometown to minister
he was met with scoffs and questions
he marveled because of their unbelief
i want to be that centurion answering
just say the word
that jesus might marvel
(lord help my unbelief)

where are you with faith these days? with the centurion (just say the word), with the scoffers, or somewhere in between?

continuing to count his gifts to 1000 -

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900. spring's scent, if only fleeting
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904. nutella on a spoon
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  1. You pose a tough question, Kendal. I'd have to say that I'm somewhere in between. I do believe, but my worries crowd out my faith all too often. And, honestly, though I believe God CAN do all things - I get hung up with my doubts that He WILL.

    So, my faith doesn't struggle so much with believing in God's power, but more in being submissive to His will...and accepting His will when it doesn't agree with mine.

    Loved this post.


  2. It is truly amazing to think about even Jesus marveling. Yes, makes him more human to me, too. Love this, Kendal. Thanks for pointing it out!

  3. Hello Kendal, Where am I at in my faith? I am reading the New Testament. I am trying to get to know Jesus - before, during and after the resurrection. I think I have gotten some Old Covenant/New Covenant confusion in my mind. I want everything that Jesus suffered, died and rose again to give me. I don't want to waste a thing. So - I'm focusing on the New Covenant right now. Searching for who I am in Christ and the joy He came to give me. Not just in the great by and by, but now, as His child.

  4. love this Kendal...I love the thought that He could marvel at each one of us...I long for Him to marvel at my complete trust in Him...blessings to you today~

  5. Oh me too! I want Jesus to marvel at my faith. And I want to marvel at who He is. Love your prose!

  6. this is definitely one of my fav posts you have ever are amazing! ::love::

  7. Like you, I am astonished every time I read of Jesus marveling!

    I marvel at the fact that He marveled!

    And yet, I too, am astounded by the centurion's, when speaking of Jesus' authority over illness, he said, "for I to am a man under authority." Somehow, he understood that Jesus had such authority because He was under the Father's authority.

    Thank you, for sharing!

  8. Hi Kendall
    This is a thoughtful post. Yes, He was human to the core just like us, as well as fully God! This makes me marvel!

  9. Hi Kendall,
    Thanks for linking up with The Weekend Brew. I too desire that Jesus would marvel at my faith. I have so far to go!

  10. What a question, are calling us out, yes? I like it. Lately, I've marvelled at the fact that Jesus cares about the details, even the teeny ones you don't think matter.

  11. Oh, yes. Help my unbelief. Where am I with faith? LIke a river, I think...ebbs and flows.