Wednesday, February 29, 2012

we all know someone

this week is
national eating disorders awareness week
(maybe you didn't know)
my girl, the one i mentor,
was brave enough to
post it on facebook
because she wants everyone
i'm so proud of
my girl
(maybe you didn't know)

web resources to help with understanding eating disorders:

National Eating Disorders Association
Something Fishy: Website on Eating Disorders

if you know someone who needs help, encourage her (or him) to see her doctor.
and pray for her.
and love her.

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  1. so glad your girl has you...someone to support her...when I struggle with was so long hardly had a name...let alone a place to go with it...but God was so merciful to me...He came and slowly carried me out of a very dark whole...blessings as love your girl to a healing place...

  2. I have someone to share this with - someone who used to be a little girl and now she is a hurting young woman - she recently asked me to stand in for her in place of a mother whom she no longer trusts. Lots of abuse - deep deep hurt. Please pray for her as I seek to show her God's love. Any mentor info in particular that you may have might be good. I am trained as a victims advocate through the Attorney Generals office - but not specifically in "mentoring" so far I just love and encourage.

  3. my heart is breaking... way too young to worry about those things... thanks for the post... and reminder

  4. When we lose ourselves in Him and pick up the burdens of others, their victories become ours, and there is much rejoicing.

  5. I didn't know. Thanks for keeping me informed. Prayers for you brave girl.

  6. Some dear friends who mean the world to me have struggled through an eating disorder. It's a dark place, but these friends have been so strong. Thanks for spreading awareness of this.

  7. Hi Kendal ~ Such A Beautiful Poem. Yes I Sincerely Believe, We All Know Someone. Just Wanted To Say Hi And To Let You Know How Much I Enjoyed Your Heartfelt Words. Blessings From Georgia, Terri