Sunday, March 4, 2012

curing the out-of-sorts

i am what i call
out of sorts
(and not only because i'm losing a scrabble game)
so i'll count blessings
since that
(see philipians 4:6-7)

549. playing scrabble with my husband
550. watching my students love steel drums
551. snow flurries after a soccer game
552. naps under fuzzy blue blanket
553. running a new trail with new friends
554. my sister's call that her choreography won
555. a small group family
556. my girl, the one i mentor, who is working hard
557. the sons who drink so much milk and eat so many sandwiches
558. my husband's heart for missions
559. a friend who brought her sewing machine to school and repaired my bag
560. our high school girls basketballers headed to the state championship
561. peace

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  1. Love your "cure" for "out of sorts"! And I hate to lose at Scrabble.. especially if it's my man who is beating me :)

  2. Hi Kendal! Counting your blessings is a sure antidote to an out-of-sorts mind. And you have many blessings to count! Yes indeed, Phil 4: 6-7 is the remedy!

  3. great cure! naps under cozy blankets- such a gift! blessings to you!

  4. We have a fuzzy white blanket like that. And that friend with the sewing machine? Good friend. Blessings to you this week.

  5. In our house, boys love blankets - especially if they have been mom's blankets. So they try to steal them from me. I so love that you had snow after a soccer game. Anything goes with soccer - but snow is so beautiful!!!

    Wishing you surprising and beautiful blessings this week!

  6. My son's secondary school had a steel band. The head of the music department left in the last year and the Teaching Assistant who came up through the school as a member of the band and came back to assist is having a hard time and on the verge of leaving.

    I really hope that doesn't mean all the kit will be put into storage, it would be such a shame.

  7. Yes..this has become my cure too...and I know...lots of food consumed by boys.... blessings~

  8. Isn't amazing how our lives sound so beautiful when we strip away the stress and focus hard on the thanksgiving! Great post, Kendal!

  9. Board games with hubby is so much fun. Naps under fuzzy blankets are the best! Good luck to the girls basketball team!!

  10. I love #559. I am so very thankful for friends who sew (not one one my gifts :) Stopping by from OYHT.

  11. Being "out of sorts" isn't any fun. We all are there sometimes. But, I love that you decided to count your blessings rather than sink deeper! By the way, my husband and I play Scrabble all the time...however I don't think that would have cheered ME up as he always wins!!! lol Blessings, Joan

  12. The sure fire cure for being out of sorts is more time with Jesus. Thank you for sharing your list!

  13. Gratitude is the cure for all sorts of things that ail us, isn't it? A lovely list.

  14. lots oyur cure!

  15. Counting blessings...such good medicine. And what a lovely list you have :)

  16. GReat positive way to fight the out of sorts bug - with blessings. love it. great lesson