Sunday, February 26, 2012

choosing safe

warm day at the soccer field
little sisters played up high in
gray-bark trees
i wanted to climb too
i followed social norms
didn't become the soccer mom
who climbs trees during halftime
now, sitting here in my
usual place
typing on my
usual computer
watching my
usual news
i kind of regret it

do you ever wish you took more risks? or fewer risks?

continuing to count his gifts to 1000 -

541. outrageous grace by grace fabian - check out this incredible book
542. great books to read while home sick from church
543. my girl, the one i mentor, i am so proud of her
544. my husband's desire to serve me
545. my boys playing "basketball" together upstairs
546. talk of college with older boy
547. the chance to write for my teachers lounge
548. reading a new book with my students

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  1. yes! wish we could have climbed that tree together :)

  2. You have a way with words. Your poetry is such a blessing! Thanks for sharing... God bless.

  3. I am usually pretty good at taking risks, but lately, I don't know what it is...age?? Risks seem scarier. I don't like that.

  4. Yes I do! Not a huge risk taker myself. lol #544... sweet love.

  5. oh, yes. That's what Playdates with God is all about!

  6. Oh! At the next opportunity...grab your kids and climb a tree together! They grow up so fast...I know! Make a date of it! It will be a special memory for all of you! Blessings!

  7. I would like to take more risks. I've pretty much played it safe for the most part. But God has been pulling me out of comfort zones sooooo, does that count? :)

  8. OH, YES!!! I have a friend who would be the first one in that tree and every time I'm around her I just want to live life to the FULL.. even if that means I get some super strange looks at the soccer field:) Love your poem. I'll be waiting for the next one that describes the view from that tree!

  9. You truly bless with your words, thank you.

  10. No I don't recall ever regretting. I decided long ago to live my life with no regrets so always try to take the opportunities that come my way. Your post is a good reminder :-)

  11. Both - wish I took more and regret a few of them. You totally should've scaled that tree! There's always next week.

  12. I usually take risks but am feeling tired right now. My muscles are weak and the tree looks daunting.

  13. Your words were a picture and I had wished I were there thinking about climbing the trees with you. Beautifully written.