Wednesday, February 22, 2012

and now there's forward

my elusive friend
has found me tonight
and this will be a short post
as the keyboard sounds
against the back drop of nothing
i'm just missing tonight
friends from ago
knees that don't creak
time with dominicans
little guys to hold in my lap
words i thought i would remember so never wrote
and now these keys clack too much
and now the laundry beckons
and now there's forward

when you start missing, what do you miss?

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  1. right now i miss my jr high and high school bffs. we were some crazy kids together, and oh how those girls shaped me.

    enjoy your quiet, my dear k.

  2. what a beautiful picture...peace to you tonight my friend. Let the past kiss you as you face tomorrow...

  3. when I start missing, usually it is my peace.
    love, love, love the picture of you, my friend. you are stunningly beautiful!

  4. When I start missing, I don't usually go to a good place. =( I become sad and the knowing that I can't change things is difficult. I have to try and think of other things.

    Love your beautiful photo with the girls. I'm sure that was a precious time.

  5. The catastrophically loud keyboard. Ah yes. ... So often, I feel I hear more of the keys than the other things in life: laughter, long talks over coffee, the rustle of leaves in fall, the squeak of the chain on the swingset.

  6. My mind. Still looking for it. Living with the "A" word is hard and there are times where I question my own normal.

    Thanks for this beautiful post and your words.

  7. Oh... knees that don't creak... me too! That photo is so, so beautiful! All those gorgeous smiles. Love it! :)

  8. i miss quiet. so much.

    love you friend.

  9. Good Christian friends. :(
    Ones that I can tell anything to.