Sunday, January 22, 2012

when it's okay to gulp

she wrote her story,
one of
unlikely survival
in the most dire circumstance
she wrote her story,
one of
finding god
in a world of hate and violence
she writes of her most
terrifying moment -
i put the bible in my mouth
and clenched it tightly
between my teeth.
i wanted to
to gulp them down
into my soul*
she survived genocide
she lived
and isn't this what we need
to live?
god's words

*immaculee ilibagiza in her book, left to tell: discovering god amidst the rwandan holocaust

continuing to count his gifts to 1000-

493. amish friendship bread in the oven
494. laughter
495. high school wrestling (who knew?)
496. the drummer
497. students' enthusiasm
498. a good latte
499. time to read
500. my husband's strong arms
501. my girl, the one i mentor. i am proud of her progress
502. gaynell, the server at bojangles, who always likes my earrings
503. the yellowstone blanket we bought on our honeymoon

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  1. "I wanted to swallow God's words" - what powerful, moving imagery.

  2. I also read Immaculee's powerful changing.

  3. It sounds like a powerful story, Kendal. We are so blessed--take so much for granted. I will have to check out this book.

  4. God's Word in our souls...yes. Thank you, Kendal.

  5. Sounds like an incredible book. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I, too, want God's word in my soul! To do that I know that I need to give all of myself to Him...and that is my daily goal.

  7. Her lyrical words reminded me so much of yours. What a gift you have Kendal.
    Now I am adding that book to my goodreads list. :)
    (Amish friendship bread is one of my most favorite things...we have a few starters in the freezer... YUM!)

  8. I love this. But do you know what I really love? how you honor your husband so regularly in your posts. he's blessed, too!

  9. Oh, I've read her book. So powerful! To gulp His Words down into our souls. . .May I read His words like that!

  10. This definitely sounds like a book that I would like to read...I love your description, too.

    Visiting today from SDG.

  11. And I am thankful that one Day, finally, there will be no more holocaust forever. Only grace and worship.
    And I am thankful for your words, Kendal.

  12. Your lists always make me smile. I can tell your heart through those things for which you are thankful.

    Ms. Ilibagiza's words sound so powerful--I'll have to read her book.

  13. didn't you just get done 'the hiding place' too? it seems like you are going for the hard but good:} and you are over halfway in your gifts...neat:}

  14. Amazing! Her testimony reminds me a little of Corrie ten Boom. Thanks for passing on the inspiration. Blessings!

  15. The hiding place was my favorite as a kid- still today- I'll have to check this out- love the "husbands strong arms" :)

  16. Wow. What a powerful testimony. Thank you for the book recommendation!

  17. I need to swallow God's words every day. I need Him in the deepest part of me moving, nourishing, satisfying.

  18. Kendal, I'm one trying to figure out this story that you speak of. Searching for god. What happens when you put the bible in your mouth and begin to choke? Do you keep adding more or take a break to find air? So many more roads to travel before my journey ends.