Monday, February 20, 2012

i've had better ideas

so we decided to try our hands at
which means
in a tub.
in the house.
somehow this really was
my idea
but two little red wigglers escaped
while i checked on their food
and they dried up on the floor
and i hadn't counted on that
or on touching them
(which i have had to do)
if i keep repeating
this is good for my garden
this is good for my garden
this is good for my garden
will these squiggly guys feel less slimy?

what about you? experience raising worms? decisions you regret?


  1. oh goodness! lol we have not raised worms... but i am so thankful for all the ones we have in our dirt already! :)

  2. yuck! I haven't raised any worms, but we did have to babysit mealworms in 5th grade!