Sunday, February 12, 2012

on turning the page

we turned the page
a brother photo. thought it was cool!
in james today
after ten weeks
we hit
faith without deeds is
paul says in ephesians that
...we are his workmanship,
created in Christ Jesus
i have to admit
that this scares me a little
which ones?
which good works have i missed?
we turned the page
in james today

continuing to count his gifts to 1000 -

520. my girl, the one i mentor, threw away her scale!
521. school baseball
522. an infant on his mom's shoulder in front of me at church
523. arctic air
524. lesson plans
525. hank calling after school to offer help
526. jack carrying my computer bag in the mornings
527. my husband. my chris. everything.
528. amy sullivan trusting me to write page 21 for this ezine (click here to view)

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  1. I think Jesus will be looking more for what we do than for what we don't do. He wants us to succeed and he sees our hearts.

  2. Always love how you tell such great stories with so few words. Something I need to work on when I have the urge to ramble.

  3. I agree with Amy - you get right to the point and you say what I'm thinking. Great work.

    P.S. Can't wait to read the ezine!

  4. Beauty in brevity is not a gift God equipped me with - but He so equipped you:)

  5. Don't worry, Kendal! God will present you with opportunities to show your faith in works! One way you are already doing it is sharing here on your blog! God will show you the perfect ways in His perfect time. Blessings!

  6. Love how you write! I think God works first on our heart, our souls, then on our hands and our service for HIm.

  7. I love the simplicity of we turned the page in James says so much in such simple words...

  8. Have you, by any chance, been doing the study on James by Beth Moore? I want to do that one next.

    Great post. I love seeing the little's ones on the shoulders of their mothers in front of me at church. So precious.

  9. It is scary and intimidating isn't it? Because there's no denying how clearly faith and works are connected in the Bible.

    I'm off to check out the e-zine.

    {and look at you, grateful for arctic air!}

  10. you heed the call, friend. you heed the call. whatever you missed, He will redeem.

  11. Forgive me for sounding like an echo to the above comments, but I was thinking the same thing after I read your post. You really said a lot in just a little. I love that! I bet a lot of husbands would love that ;)
    And I believe if you are open to God's leading, you will know just where to go and just what to do. He knows your heart, no need to worry:)

  12. oh yes...a workmanship created for good works...great question...what good works do I miss...
    Love...a girl throwing aways the scales...yeah!!!

  13. "Which ones?" indeed Kendal. That's always the tricky part. Are the good works "out there" somewhere in far away places with big projects and cocoa-brown faces, or are they closer to home, disguised as ordinary days but really laced with eternity? God alone can tell us the works He's designed for us, but I suspect we often miss the eternity in the everyday and fail to notice these as "good works."

  14. There is always such a rhythm here that puts a little bounce in me. Glad to know we have been going through James together :).

  15. James convicts. I know what you mean.

  16. #520 is my favorite - that is so great!!