Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the second teenager

jack working on the chicken coop
your voice sounded thirteen
when you answered me this morning
and this is
because you should be twenty inches long
and sleeping in my arms
your smile is infectious
your energy boundless
your love for jesus apparent
your leg must be hollow
because where is all this
food and milk going?
but do you know what
brings your mother honor,
birthday boy?
the smiles
the high fives
the fist bumps
you offer me at school
as if it's cool to have your mom
teach on your hall
makes me match your smiles
happy birthday, jack

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  1. I love this. It left me with a smile on my face and a little hope that the love my boys have for me today will remain, even if the gestures expressing it change.

  2. You capture mother-love so poignantly. Glad you're still getting fist-bumps in the hallway. That is a gift.

  3. Oh, I love being a mom of boys.. and love how you captured the always changing and growing love that we share with those boys!

  4. oh how i hope my soul will sing the same song of thanksgiving in 10 yrs!

    thank you, kendal!
    - tanya

  5. Beautiful!

    Jack sounds like a great kid with a great Mom!

  6. Happy Birthday to your Birthday Boy. They really should just stay 20", then our mommy hearts wouldn't worry so.

  7. Beautiful!! Isn't amazing how fast they get older. I miss the 20" stage. :(

  8. oh that is so sweet kendal! happy birthday to your precious jack! :)