Monday, April 2, 2012

on snowmen and seder

even though i still have
snow men sledding across
the mantel
palm sunday was yesterday
and with it
came talk in bible study
of our
upcoming passover seder
it will be my first
it feels so holy
this meal steeped in tradition and scripture
this meal in which jesus participated one last time
because the lord kept vigil that night
to bring them out of
on this night
all the israelites are to keep vigil
to honor the lord for the
generations to come
i am overwhelmed thinking about
the lord's vigil
this meal
this passover seder
may it bring him honor

how about you? what is your experience with passover seder?

continuing to count his gifts to 1000 -

591. baseball wins and soccer goals
592. fourth period students who are learning more than curriculum
593. grandparents who treat their grandchildren
594. my niece's  tap ensemble - impressive!
595. spring break around the corner (perhaps remove the snowmen?)
596. a bluebirds' nest
597. chicken coop ready for chicks
598. my girl, the one i mentor, hanging in there
599. my husband, always

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  1. I like the thought of honoring the Lord in response to His honoring us by looking after us. Good thoughts and love reading your 1000 gift list. Chicken coop?

  2. The Lord's vigil over me. Beautiful. Such comfort. Thank you for stilling my soul this morning and inviting me into this Holy Week.

  3. I have celebrated Passover in Israel and I can say that it was truly one of the most memorable times in my life...filled with intimacy with my beloved Jesus. There aren't any words to describe it. I pray that ours this coming Saturday will be an experience that we will say, "Truly, He came and supped with us!"

  4. I did a Passover dinner "ish" with my kids and Children's Church last year - it was awesome - I think it is a wonderful way to remember His gift!

  5. I've never done anything like a passover seder. Last year Easter just sort of snuck up on me, and I've been determined to not let that happen again. Perhaps this is a way to ensure that it doesn't. thanks!

  6. I've never participated in a seder, although I've learned about them throughout the years. What a great opportunity to really commune with Christ this Easter, Kendal. Please let us know what you experience from this Christ-honoring ritual. :)

  7. I've done mock seders with my kids when they were younger but we substituted so many things that it was probably pretty lame.

    But this year will be my first real seder too! My husband and I are going to large community seder tomorrow night. I look forward to it and now to hearing about your experience.

  8. I'm so happy for you! I knwo you will enjoy for first Passover Seder!

    We started observing Passover Seder several years ago, after a lady from Jews for Jesus did a "Christ in the Passover" presentation at our church.

    It is such a wonderful time of remembering God's loving faithfulness in both the old and new covenants!

  9. I loved this post. Loved this part "it feels so holy
    this meal steeped in tradition and scripture
    this meal in which jesus participated one last time"--powerful. Enjoy!

  10. Not a lot of experience with Seder, but so would love to be a part of one..

    And chicken coop? I think this one had made your list before because I remember it surprising me! Bluebirds? Yes, we have a little cardinal in our front tree. Loving it.

  11. Very interesting. I am new to the prayer group with Jen. I saw your praise report and wanted to introduce myself, so glad God moved with your dad.

  12. I've never participated in a Passover Seder. I hope you'll write about your experience. So much to learn from a meal that, perhaps, we can't comprehend in mere words.

    Thank you for you kind words over at my place. And, read Jen's weekly update. All I can say is, "Thanks be to God!"

  13. I love celebrating seders! We generally do it for our Easter dinner but feels a bit like we drag our family along. But hey, we want it to be a tradition our kids grow up with. :)

  14. participated in seder once. loved the whole experience.
    LOVE the idea of the Lord keeping vigil over me. this will stay with me for a good while. why, oh why, is it difficult at times to remember and acknowledge how very, very much He cares for us?
    thanks for sharing this. and you've reminded me i still have a couple of winter decorations hanging around here that should probably come down soon, too :-)

  15. Lovely way of honoring the Lord.

  16. I participated in a Seder several years ago. I found it to be an extremely meaningful experience! Blessings to you as you remember our Lord on this special evening!

  17. I've never done a "real" Seder either, Kendal. I did go through the whole meal with our kids when I was the Director of Children's Ministries at our church. We cooked lamb and everything. They loved it. But it was less holy than a teaching experience. For all of us. I hope you do tell us all about it!

  18. I love the holiness...and the grittiness...of a Seder. It's so Jesus. I wish Christians would more actively own it.

    Despite Spring Break, we have REAL snow here! Posting pics tomorrow of tulips in the snow. Quite the seasonal identity crisis we've got going here!