Wednesday, April 4, 2012

down at grandma's

there's a white house
overlooking our valley
where my husband's grandmother
lived her jesus life
lived her take-care-of-others life
now the memorabilia
are boxed and labeled upstairs
in papa's room -
macrame purses
hymnals and bibles
these three littles will be with me more often now!
craft magazines
costume jewelry
fine china, the gray on white
her children's school pictures
the boots her husband was wearing
when he died
and now new is on the way
pulling a trailer with bunk beds and dining table
my brother-in-law and his family
will arrive tonight to live in our midst
this jesus-life family
this take-care-of-others family
shouldn't live anywhere
grandma's house
overlooking our valley

how about you? anything new in your life?

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  1. these are lucky kids to have you for not only an aunt but a neighbor too! love you and your jesus life

  2. I don't think that I've ever told you how much I love your writing. The things you see and say provoke me to see beauty...thank you. Thank you for joining us at Painting Prose as well. I look forward to seeing you at Imperfect Prose next week!

  3. Yay, for you -- how fun to have them so close by!

  4. What a heart felt post. Makes me remember my grandma's house and all the sentiments there. Found you from Amy Sullivan's. Love your bloggy world here.

  5. Great post!!! You 'paint' a wonderful picture.

  6. I can just hear what a beautiful life she lived! How great for your family to be moving close by! Happy Easter to you and your family Kendal!

  7. Just thinking about those boots, and all the ground they covered, and how they're still there. I like that.

  8. sounds like a beautiful life to and owns for sure...and some tragedy in with the joy, but still...smiles....glad to have you at dverse...

  9. Poetry is supposed to tell a story, and this one eloquently does just that. Nice write, glad I came across your page.

  10. I have always liked storytelling in poetry and yours is no exception. Very nicely written.