Friday, April 6, 2012

writing for four minutes and then taking a thirty-minute break and writing for one more minute on "light"

one of my brother's photos
writing for five minutes on light.

my husband came home with
six chicks
on wednesday
and although the coop is ready
the young ladies
will remain inside under a light
for twenty-three more days
they would die without it,
this light
and i know we talk about the
light of christ
as a star over bethlehem
but that sunrise on easter?
and we would die without it

wishing you a joyous easter

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  1. I love the analogy comparing the light those chicks need and how much we need, no, would die without Christ's light. Beautiful. Have a wonderful Easter!

  2. the light is so ridiculously necessary to all life . ridiculous. :) glad the chicks are so loved... all of them...

  3. makes me think about Revelation and how there will be no need for sun or moon or lamp b/c the Lamb will be all the Glory and light...this Easter morning glory is a sign and symbol, can you imagine what it will be like? Happy Easter Dear Friend!!!

  4. Happy Easter to you, too, my friend. You are an Easter Light.

  5. Kendal,
    You are right. We talk about the light guiding us at Christmas, but this Easter light. So much, much brighter. I like how you compared it to your chicks, and I like how your chicks are making their way into posts!