Sunday, May 20, 2012

exercise and envy and using the word alas

it's a gorgeous sunday morning
Bluebird low 60's
i have time to run
i have energy to run
i have motivation to run
but alas!
i'm allergic to the pollen of the week
my head is pounding
my nose is stuffy
it wouldn't make sense to
breathe the air outside
for an hour
friends have posted
race pictures all over facebook
one of the last vestiges of
the eating disorder
a desire to exercise
add to that my struggle with
extreme envy
and i am a little bit miserable this morning
but paul wrote truth from prison
i have learned in whatever
i am to be content

how about you? what scriptures have humbled you lately?

continuing to count his gifts to 1000 -

654. my 5 year old nephew's to-do list. includes run in kitchen (here and there)
655. bluebirds to watch while i don't exercise
656. my girl, the one i mentor. her honesty.
657. baseball
658. my sons' laughter
659. dinner all together
660. my husband's desire to serve me
661. my students - they finished the year strong
662. hanging out with the montana privettes

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  1. Alas, a good word that is totally underused.

    Scriptures that have humbled me? The fact that one doesn't race into my head probably isn't a good sign.

    Been thinking about Romans 12:2 a bit.

  2. Kendal, I love your honesty. I find myself envying women who look RESTED- you know, the ones without these huge black rings beneath their eyes. I find myself looking at their bright eyes and smooth skin and dreaming about how they must sleep through the night and wishing, no envying, their good fortune to have children who sleep. I'd love to say I've found a scripture to cling to in this ugly little battle- but the fact that I don't have one is humbling in itself. Think I'll get off the computer and get into the Word now :) Thanks for the nudge.

    1. you are doing a great job, mom. i remember those days. that envy. people would say that it would pass in the blink of an eye and i would blink really fast trying to get to that place! your rest will come, i promise. hang in there!

  3. Love that photo of the sweet bird . . . and your honesty. I envy people like you who want to run and look healthy and in shape. I need to be pushed out the door against my will. There ya go.

  4. I love a good opportunity to use "alas" and "indeed." They make me feel fancy!

    Scripture blasts me, often. It was James who talked me into our third adoption and today David reminded me to be like a tree.

    Can I have some of your motivation to run if I trade my non-allergic nose with you? We would make a good team!

  5. I do appreciate your honesty. I too have had to learn {am learning} to tame the green monster...blessings and appreciation for your raw.

  6. Sorry you are stuffy and pounding - hope that clears quickly.

    "Alas" is a word I don't use as often as I feel it. Something to think about - which needs to change, my attitude or my vocabulary. Hmmm.

  7. Paul really knew how to do that "contentment" thing! I know the secret is found in laying my discontented heart at Jesus' feet, so why don't I do it? I'll be lifting you up in my prayers, Kendal. I hope your day and your sinus' get better so that you can "run" wherever you want. :)

  8. I hear this, Kendal. My poor running schedule has suffered lately due to so many other activities. And now the heat. And the pollen. Sending you some sister love today.

  9. Beautiful, Kendal.
    A scripture that humbles me is “And we know that all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord, for those who are called according to his purpose. “
    See, even those things that seemingly hold us back are somehow, mysteriously, magically turned around for our benefit. Maybe God wanted you inside the house with all the windows closed tight so you could sit down and write such lovely words as these.

  10. oh Kendal...yes addiction to exercise can be just as hard as the addiction of anorexia...I love the turning of the heart to find a sweet surrender to the moment. thanks for sharing your heart...blessings~

  11. I have been humbled this week as well. With "come to me all you who are weary...." a reminder that I am not meant to do it on my own.

  12. Oh, convicting -- to be content in whatever circumstance. This is a wake up call for me.

  13. All kinds of prisons, and allergies can be one of them! I could really identify with your being stuck indoors and so limited by them. Paul in prison makes us a good example in this, indeed. (There's that fancy word!) But I don't think I ever realized that before!

  14. I felt very envious yesterday when I saw pictures of everyone who had participated in the 'Warrior Dash.' I made that race a New Year's Resolution, but I hurt my leg and didn't do it. On top of that, I've done a horrible job of getting to the gym, lately. Kids' schedules, doctor's appointments--it's always something. I've never had an eating disorder, but I understand the discontentment. I was a former gymnast, so I find myself comparing my 33 year old body with what I looked like at 15. Ridiculous, I know, but it's hard to shake those thoughts, for some reason.

    We've been studying 'Song of Solomon' in my small group. God has definitely shown me how I can improve in my marriage.

    1. yeah - warrior dash here as well, plus an 8k....due to a propensity toward exercise addiction, i only run twice a week and don't run races. this plan works great, usually....

  15. I really appreciate your honesty, Kendal - especially the part about envy (you know what an issue that is for me). ament

    As for humbling scriptures...I'm reading through the Old Testament - pretty much the whole thing is humbling.

  16. I haven't visited in a while, but that verse is one that I have hung on to tightly through the last few years.....

    Blessings to you and your family