Wednesday, May 16, 2012

why am i talking?

one of my brother's photos
i heard anne lamott say recently
that she doesn't want to talk so much
as she watches
her son and his wife
take care of their new baby
so before she offers her opinion
on say, bath time in the sink,
she says
which stands for
why am i talking?
and i need this
i wield words as weapons
when god intended them as salve
paul teaches
do not let any unwholesome talk
come out of
your mouths
but only what is helpful
for building others up
according to their needs
that it may
those who listen

how do you use your speech for benefit instead of harm?
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  1. Oh, Kendal- "weapons vs salve"- you've convicted me today. Thank you, friend.

  2. oh...oh words...i have used tooo many in my life...I heard a Godly man once say...there is an ocean full that can be said and a thimble full that should be said...I am learning to find the thimble full. thanks kendal...great reminder for the day...especially with my daughter and new grand love here:)

  3. I agree with Alicia's comment. To use words as salve and not weapons? Praying God will keep this on my mind and heart.

  4. Why is something so simple, so difficult to achieve? I'm with you on this one, Kendal, but it's going to have to be a "God thing!" :) Great words!

  5. It's so hard! My tongue should have bite marks on it...

    Came through via Emily.

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  7. Yes, yes, and yes. Words are to be salve not weapons. It's so easy to get this one wrong.


  8. nice...i think there is a lot of wisdom to be found in listening for sure...and not imposing our thoughts on something, esp without first listening...

  9. Why am I talking? Now that's a question we need to ask ourselves often! Great insights, Kendal.

  10. a great reminder to this new mom. thanks.

  11. never hurts to list. :)

  12. such truth and so beautifully written.


  13. This is something I need so much. WAIT. I will. thanks for this piece.

  14. well, you already know how much i love anne. but this? this is brilliant. thank you.

  15. Wait...what an excellent acronym! Thanks for sharing :)

  16. "Why am I talking?" That's a GREAT question. Must.remember.this. :)

  17. "Why am I talking?" That's a GREAT question. Must.remember.this. :)

  18. W.A.I.T...I will never look at this word the same way! Doesn't Proverbs say that a person of few words is thought to be wise. Oh yes, I needed this today.

  19. With every year that passes I learn to keep my mouth shut before speaking. I used to be so quick to offer my thoughts, but there is so much value in holding our tongues. Just lovely :)

  20. I'm learning, but I'm not there completely. It is so much better to keep my mouth shut when offering an opinion. And if my opinion is sought after, it is good to be careful on how it is spoken.

  21. i need to wait with my tone, too. with me, it's often not so much the content as it is the delivery.

    God's been working on this one with me, to speak life into the people around me. that i keep smacking into directives on this subject probably means i've a ways to go.

  22. I love this acronym...wait...why am I talking?. I heard a speaker on parenting and how lecturing our children shows we don't trust them. Hmmm, I see a repeated theme here. And this is a tool that I can use...wait...thanks for the encouragement.

  23. I'm trying to watch my mouth...both what's pouring forth and WHEN it's pouring. AND not just my mouth, but fingers as I type and hit fb and send emails with a possible knee-jerk response/reaction. We have entered a rather intense phase of social life with all the extras that have boosted. I really try... can't "say" I don't fail when my fingers do the walking/talking. But it's a good reminder. Thank you.

  24. I have come a long way from where I once was with my over anxious tongue. I spend much of my time chewing the darn thing to keep myself from saying the wrong thing {no matter how much truth there may be to it}. It continues to be a work in progress and I may never conquer the battle but I am learning to listen more, speak less, and every chance I get--I say something nice just because I can :)