Sunday, May 13, 2012

finding holy in the mundane

mother's day was real
here on the mountain
mouse poop in the silverware drawer
no milk to make cake for the celebration
one son not home until late morning
the other in need of discipline
no small group meeting for smiles and hugs and word
but finding joy in this real life
means discovering holy in the mundane
so i continue counting the god gifts
from one to one-thousand...

644. my low-voiced boys hiding gifts for me behind their backs
645. chris making brownies from scratch
646. blue birds diving at my head to protect their young
647. meeting a blogger friend in real life
648. spending time with my high school friend, anita
649. god working through me to speak to a group of women
650. chatting on the phone with my girl, the one i mentor
651. salad straight from the garden
652. dog happy to see me
653. watching mom open her mother's day gifts

in what ways do you find holy in the mundane?

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  1. I spent Mothers Day on a plane all day flying from the UK and delayed in airports. It was definitely not a memorable time with my kids. Love that you have a bluebird nest, even if they are dive bombing you!

  2. God really wants me to get this message, apparently, because this post is exactly the job of a mother--finding the holy in all the mundane moments that fill our days.

    Woohoo for yummy brownies!

  3. Love your authentic look at Mother's Day, Kendal. It truly is "holy" no matter the circumstances and maybe because of them. You have found joy in the realness of life and that is right where God wants you and all of us to be! :)

  4. counting has helped me find the the holy in the is the simple pleasures that bring joy...#644. I love that you met a blogger friend:) blessings to you~

  5. I was rejoicing Sunday. My sweet Emily walked in the door at 5:30 Sunday morning. Bubbling with joy over how God used their team in Haiti, sun-kissed cheeks and sun-streaked hair. It was all I needed.

  6. Yay for kids remembering Mother's Day! I got a priceless email from my son currently serving in Kuwait. Other Son drove 60 miles to visit, and gave me some amazing roast coffee. But the most important gift is the way both are following the Lord. Even when the mundane enters THEIR lives!

  7. Counting gifts in the mundane ... is so not mundane.

  8. I met a blogger friend in real life on Mother's Day too! Was such a blessing. Just more proof that bloggers ARE real friends, whether we meet in real life or not.

  9. Thanks for the reminder to discover the holy int the mundane. Need it tonight!

  10. Yet, isn't' that what a mother does? Find joy in the mundane?

  11. The holy in the mundane...ah, yes. This is the stuff of life.

  12. I giggled at the mouse poop line. It's funny how something like that can toss me over the close edge. Way to count your blessings. Sometimes the best gifts are in the mundance. They hang out there. Waiting for us to notice.

  13. That's pretty much the story of my life -- looking for the holy in the mundane!