Monday, June 25, 2012

on riffs and slushies and near

was feeling aimless and sweaty
on the couch last night
when hank came in to play this thing
he composed on his guitar
and here my nearly seventeen year old
football playing
baseball playing
shaved head
sat on a stool
and played a riff
so quiet i had to incline my head
and played a riff
so beautiful i had to leave the room
lest someone see me cry
i don't know how these boys,
like sunrises,
surprise me everyday
but god in his infinite
knew i would need them,
anchors for this drifting summer,
beside me on the new pew
around the dining room table
in quicktrip choosing slushies,

677. a lunch box made of duct tape
678. blackberries from my forest
679. dog and cat making friends
680. chickens fertilizing the yard
681. my girl - seeing her after a long time of not
682. sunrise on the garden
683. isaiah 61 - a cornerstone text

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  1. Oh yes! Children really are a precious gift from God.

  2. Mine surprise me like that, keep the wonder in life alive. And I'm grateful. Anchors in summer, yes they are.

  3. I'm so glad you see the wonder in your children. So many moms lose sight of this--giving over to weariness and stress. Thanks for encouraging us to be amazed as well! Great post, Kendal!

  4. sweet poem...what gifts they they do anchor our souls...especially when they are just near:) blessings to you~

  5. Beautiful! I love the image of anchors...anchors and sails - we need them both! roots and wing...

  6. It's cool that he wanted to share his music with you! :) Hopping from Seedlings in Stone.

  7. Boys have such a special place in a mother's heart. I know...I have three. Thank you for sharing such a tender moment!

  8. Yes, our boy/men do have a way of taking our breath away don't they. Motherhood is full of such beautiful surprises amid the mundane

  9. So precious that he loves to play for his mama...probably because he knows she'll react like that.

  10. Kendal, I came over from LL Barkat's site and I'm glad I did. I have 3 wonderful sons and am so grateful for all of them. I wasn't the best father when they were growing up, but God has helped me change my ways and I'm so fortunate that we have a great relationship now. A real blessing. The midde son is a musician and I know that feeling of "where did that come from?" Blessings!

  11. That is so beautiful and sweet, Kendal! What a special young man you have! :)

  12. Sometimes I look at my daughters and amazed. So full of God's love that it just splashes over to me. Near--so happy yours are. Such a blessing. As always I'm blessed by your blessing list.

  13. Lovely!
    I have a guitar playing girl...and 2 wonderful of whom lives in Heaven now. Children are such blessings.

  14. Kids are sure amazing and as tough as being a mother is at times, I wouldn't trade it for anything. The blessings and times I see God through them! Thanks for your words today.

  15. Beautiful! There is nothing like God using our children to touch our hearts.

  16. This is so beautiful, Kendal. I can feel that ache of love in your words. Have a sweet day, my friend.

  17. Love, love, love this, Kendal!! As the mom of two musicians, I know those sudden tears of wonder at the beautiful music they create! Pure blessing!

  18. Love this! Isn't amazing how God plants these gifts in even the toughest, biggest exteriors. It's a joy to watch God's gift develop in the ones we love. :)