Tuesday, June 19, 2012

vacation rentals

we scraped and saved
adding bills to a wrinkled business envelope
for nearly a year
we could rent a cottage on the caribbean
for a week
we flew and ferried and drove
to keel point on anegada
and the promises of stunning beauty
were real
but we got much more than
a vacation rental
and blue water
and seafood
and souvenirs
we got a lot of no's
no interruptions
no phones
no tv
no internet
no people
just time together to celebrate these years
twenty of them
and even beyond that
i learned that i am okay with myself
if i'm not blogging
if i'm not running
if i'm not in control of home
and this?
stunning beauty

how about you? what's going on with your summer?

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  1. I am so thrilled you went on this trip. It's hard to reach out and and do these kinds of things for ourselves.

    So glad you did.

    What's going on with my summer? I'm listening to kids fill water balloons.

  2. Great imagery. Great lesson

  3. Oh you! This sounds delightful! And your writing always makes me feel warm on the inside.

    My summer: Some writing, yes... Some taking care of calves, yes... But also: camping trips; fishing trips; picnics; afternoons at the pool.

  4. Oh Kendal...I am so thankful your trip went well...I prayed for a refreshing time...so glad you felt so loved by this gift. I just got back from a week at the beach...so wonderfully refreshing too...welcome back...blessings~

  5. Sounds divine...I have wanted to take that kind of trip for decades and never pulled it off.

    And now we bought an RV.

    I don't think I can drive that to an island...but maybe the Florida keys?

  6. How wonderful! Getting away from all the distractions feeds the soul. Thanks for sharing!

  7. We are taking off for Chicago in a few weeks. Can't wait to show my four little suburbanites what city dwelling is like. :)

  8. There is nothing quite like "no" to make a vacation wonderful! :) Hopping from Joy in this Journey.

  9. What a treat! So happy for you.

    Summer? This year just bits and pieces. My birthday is next month -- I'll be 67 [UH!!! Not so easy to face!] -- so there will be a nice dinner someplace with my hubby. That's what we usually do with and for each other. I'll be involved with a Bhutanese couple who are expecting a baby and the Lord uses me to be with them at the Dr. ofc as the baby is planning to arrive in September. I have a Burkina Faso "son" here who is being married in August.. a true blessing!! His B.F. mom will probably come and I will meet her. She's indicated she's very happy that God gave Patrick a Christian mom here in Omaha, so we should have a good time. Everything else is just miscellaneous events that will hit schedule.

    What would I LIKE to be doing? Driving out to the NW to see family and friends and hanging out at the ocean, seeing mountains -- 3 days of driving each way -- but can't afford it this year. Flying out to Uganda -- THAT would make me a happy, happy woman!! Oh, well. I'll be doing what the Lord lays on my heart. That's my life, anyhow.

  10. so glad you got some time away. looking forward to our week away at the beach later this summer. yeah for vacations!

  11. 20! congrats and blessings. we got away this spring for the first time for our tenth, and there is nothing like that quiet and time together.

  12. nice that is awesome....love the no's....we have been gifted a week in missouri...a month from today...i can not wait....

  13. sounds wonderful...i love the list of NOs....I love that real life connection happened. Congratulations on 20 years. Thanks for celebrating it in a special way! May you have 20 more.

  14. Sounds lovely, Kendal. It's a wonderful thing to be secure enough in ourselves to take a break and let it go.

  15. Such a wonderful post to remind me that being is much more valuable than doing. :)

  16. oh i'm so happy for you girl. and a wee bit jealous :) good on you.

  17. Oh wow... sounds amazing. Just amazing.

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  19. Sounds like a wonderful vacation, and what a great thing to celebrate. My husband and I are going to take a trip to celebrate our 5 year anniversary, and we decided to check out Gatlinburg vacation homes because my husband is really into the outdoors. Thanks for sharing!

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