Monday, August 27, 2012

by the chimney with care

i climb through the garden fence
one last bucket of peppers
in hand
the sun is hot like summer but i know
it's winding down,
the nighttime cricket chorus confirms it....
i dread
the wan light of the days to come
but hope is dread's antonym
and fall and winter bring
their own joys in which to hope
bright leaves
jingle bells
savory meals
a perhaps trip to the dominican
it's my choice,
hope or dread
joy or complaining
it's my choice,
where my mind dwells
paul exhorts -
whatever is true,
whatever is honorable,
whatever is just,
whatever is pure,
whatever is lovely,
whatever is commendable,
if there is any excellence,
if there is anything worthy of praise,
think about these things
so would it be horrible to hang
my stockings in september?

how do you feel about fall and winter?
746. lunch with siblings
747. colleagues
748. gathering round the living room for bible study
749. son playing music in church
750. my girl, the one i mentor
751. clothes on the clothesline
752. football games
753. my husband, who makes me laugh everyday
754. a document camera at work

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  1. You're coming closer to 1000! I love your poetry and perspective.

  2. I love Sept through Jan 1st, after that the winter is a drag and a bit depressing. I really enjoyed your poem. Stopping by from Elaine's link up.

  3. I say hang your stocking:) I was just talking with my daughter today...we really have the many choices throughout the or dread...learning to stop and see the two paths that are for ever before us. blessings ~

  4. Hard to think about Christmas yet but it is on its way full steam.

    Choice. Yes. So much is up to our choosing. I want to choose love today. Thanks for the push.

  5. I think not :). Yes-it's my choice. Choosing the good with you today, Kendal.

  6. Yes....Choice. Right. But ohhhhh how I miss these long lazy evenings! No programs, no to do....All blessing though. Yes. Thanks!

  7. Oh, hang those stockings in September! Fall is my favorite season. The book "When Will the Snow Trees Grow" describes it perfectly! I just filled up a bucket of tomatoes - oh, how I will miss those! And the summer evenings under the stars! Enjoy it while it remains!

  8. Yes, hang those stockings...what a lovely reminder to choose to focus on the good...thanks for making me smile with your poem...blessings, Kendal :)

  9. I'm still lingering over our beach vacation so no stockings for me yet. I do love just came too early for me this year.

  10. I am loving what the Lord is speaking to me this a.m.! Everywhere I turn I am seeing & hearing thoughts on purity in our minds. As I read here Kendal I am absolutely struck by the thought that even if there is nothing good here in this world or our lives to think on,( this is just a what if, of course ) God has given us enough of a vision of the heavenlies & of His goodness to fill our thoughts with, even while here on earth. Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

  11. Hey there...this is a great one kendal! I guess it will all be new...we had one fall here, but don't really remember and then this Christmas, we are so excited about it to FINALLY not be traveling and to have our very own Christmas as our little family. And a baby to} But we will be far from home so therein lies the rub...I know it will be great b/c I think we're growing up, at least I hope:}