Friday, August 31, 2012

these anniversaries

writing for five minutes on change

hurricane katrina's anniversary
stops me cold each year
not that my personal storm can compare
the day she slammed into the coast
ed wrapped his last icy finger
on my heart
and i decided to quit eating
this season of storms
has given me pause to reflect on the
god has wrought in my life
i'm praising him for bringing me
into a spacious place
hear me reader,
he can

are you longing for change? may i pray for you?

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  1. Powerful post. You are an inspiration. Thank you for this.

  2. Kendal,
    This is just beautiful. So thankful that he brought you into new spaces even if the journey was so hard. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Continuing change and growth. So thankful God doesn't give up on us and leave us where we are at. Growing and changing aren't without pain but the end results are always worth it. What a God we serve and adore!!

  4. Anniversaries...especially ones after the storm...rightly deserve a pause and ponder. He can change all things!

  5. Kendal...I thank Him with you for the changes He can bring...for freedom and wide open spaces...He is faithful. blessings to you my friend~

  6. Beautiful, Kendal! Praise God when we can look back and see how He has taken us from a suffocating place into an openness.

  7. Su a wonderful post Kendal! It is so funny how we may not be in the middle of the storm geographically, but experiencing on in our lives. Thanks so much for sharing! Blessings!

  8. Miss Kendal,
    May God bless you as you share His strength with others. Isn't it a God-grande thing when we accept the gift of being beautiful in His eyes? And like you said, it's a spacious place -- there's room enough for all of us!


  9. please pray for me. change is so hard.

  10. So glad He brought you to that place and how He is using you to shed His light into the darkness.

  11. Thank you for sharing this, Kendal. I pray He continues to reveal to you more and more expansiveness in your "spacious place!"

  12. Beautiful and honest. You are an inspiration, Kendal.

  13. He can change us. Praising God for the work He has done in you.

  14. Hi Kendal - Thank you for your words on Katrina. I'm in Central Louisiana and we just got some of Isaac, but not like Mississippi and south of here. We had some roof damage and leaking, probably a gust of wind tore some shingles, no holes in roof or anything. Anyway God has His hand on your writing and is guiding your pen. Blessings Terri

  15. And what a wonderful place to be... a spacious place! Inspiring to see how great change can come through HIM. Thank you for sharing your story.