Monday, September 3, 2012

on marriage - the lost words

the pastor spoke to his wife
from the pulpit today
when he couldn't find a word
i'm drawing a blank, honey
and she knew what he needed
this symbiosis
is a treasure,
and one i take for granted
i would be the pastor's wife
caught not paying attention
unable to provide the lost word
so today i give intentional thanks
for my marriage
for finding each others' words
for cooking together
for ballgames side by side
for together
i love you, chris

how about you? what do you take for granted? for what are you thankful?

and continuing to count all of god's gifts to 1000 -

755.  fudge icing on fresh pound cake
756.  taking my dog for a walk in the early morning
757.  parents who check their teens' whereabouts
758.  a few days of rest
759.  friends who cook for us
760.  touchdowns
761.  meals with all of us home
762.  college planning
763.  passport applications for the boys

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  1. You know, just the other evening, I started to tell my wife something and she interrupted me to finish my thought.

    My first reaction was annoyance...why did she just interrupt me? Why didn't she let me finish?

    Then it hit me...she just finished my thought! She knew what I was saying before I finished saying it! That's pretty cool!

    Although I gave up long ago on learning to read her mind, if she can correctly complete my sentences for me, we're doing pretty good, I think... ;-)

  2. Kendal, I would be that pastor's wife wiping the kid's nose and totally tuning out what my preaching man was saying.... oh, how I long to give my husband the gift of attention. Thanks for this beautiful reminder to count him at the top of my list! Your prose always stirs conviction in me- and for that, I'm grateful!

  3. Thank you for reminding me to give thanks for what I take for granted. Love the way you tell a story so simply, yet poignant.

  4. Kendal...this speaks of your attentiveness to the Holy Spirit gentle voice...His whispers that get us to think ...or look in a ask ourselves the hard questions...and i too want to live thankful...and fully in the moments I am in...not wondering in thoughts and actions somewhere else. thanks for this...

  5. I just love how you write! Intentionally giving thanks for my marriage and hubby today - thanks to your words this morning. Great reminder

  6. Yes, may the familiar miracles never lose their luster or become run-of-the-mill. May we see the beauty of intimacy as it appears in finishing eachother's sentences, folding socks, and sharing a toothpaste tube.
    A provocative reminder that while all these are common, they are no less glorious.

  7. These beautiful words make me glad I am married ... and to a ministry guy, too.


  8. I take for granted too much. God is working on me, developing this thankful heart, focusing on what I have and not on what I lack.

  9. love this and being challenged in a new way to be ever present in Randy's sermon for the day he comes up short a word or two. I will be his girl for sure! I think I usually pay attention in this kind of way but have never thought about it in this way before. Sometimes I'm counting beehive hairdo's. Ha! Just Kidding about that comment - no big haired church ladies that I know of....yet.

  10. Awesome! I have been the pastor's wife who starts giggling when her husband makes an innocent mistake like saying the wrong chapter or verse. I am so immature. My husband says I keep him humble. I guess we all have our strengths. ;)

  11. My husband's peaceful ways that ease my always stirring heart.

  12. Oh the beauty of doing things side by side!! :)
    visiting from #1000gifts