Sunday, August 12, 2012


my husband's pictures brought
papua new guinea
to life on my screen -
it's called paradise for a reason
flowers, palm trees, birds, the blue pacific
but these two caught my breath
i want to remember this bible in the mornings
when choosing
facebook or psalms,
blog stats or galatians
and i want to remember these feet
on sunday when i sigh heavy
in my closet
thinking there's nothing to wear to church
i want to remember
the much in my life
so i'm
continuing to count his gifts to 1000-

730.  cutting my husband's hair
731.  dinner, all four of us
732.  olympics
733.  students!
734.  time for training my dog, moses
735.  seventy-five degrees
736.  conversations with nieces and nephews
737.  college for my girl, the one i mentor

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  1. Oh. This means a lot to me because I've recently returned from El Salvador and saw similar things. May I remember too! We are so blessed. And for a reason. May we continue to find the reasons.

  2. kendal...oh yes...we make little choices that do build our lives in one direction or another...may we all choose well...blessings to you~

  3. I love this thought, Kendall: "i want to remember the much in my life." Me, too, my friend! Counting gifts has been a huge part of remembering the "much" of every day.

    Have a sweet Monday...

  4. Oh, I wish I would've thought to put the Olympics on my gift list too. I'm so thankful for the past two weeks of inspiration. That picture of the bible is stunning. And thank you for reminding me of what I take for granted. This was a good awakening.

  5. Kendal...visiting your lovely blog for the first time today & am your newest follower. I really love your writing & photographs. I hope you might visit my blog & follow me too!

  6. My sister was a missionary for several years in Papua, New Guinea years ago.
    God led me into the homeless community over 3 years ago, and after seeing this world, I come back home and see SO much that I do not want all the extra's anymore. It changes you after you've been to your little Calcutta of the world. Now what I have "much" of is a passion for this community. Isn't it just like God to show you much of little to make you want little of much?
    Visiting from SDG

  7. Great contrast--a very thought-provoking post and so beautifully written. Thanks, Gail (

  8. Kendal, I simply love this. You have single-handedly boosted my gratitude meter off the chart. Bless you, and I'm glad your Mr. Wonderful got back safely.
    PS: See you at the retreat, I hope?????

    1. yes!!! I will be there. thought about it this morning, how excited i am.

  9. Amazing reminders. Thank you.

    And I would count 75 degrees as an amazing gift right now!! :)

    thanks for linking up today...

  10. Kendal, visiting from Ann's today. Oh your grateful heart it blesses my socks off. You, quite simply, have blessed another today. Oh yes, those choices. The choice we have of where to spend our time, where to sit with Him and His word and for how long. Thanks for the gentle conviction that came through your words. Gift.

  11. Pictures to remind us to be thankful!

  12. Beautiful...thank you for sharing these reminders.

  13. Oh, friend. Your husband's trip and Lisa's to el Salvador have been pressing on my heart lately. But those feet? They really bring it close.

  14. oh is hard to find the most important at times when we have too much...thanks for the reminder to look and be thankful