Friday, August 10, 2012

why i love packing lunches

writing for five minutes on connection

the second day of school has arrived
in its dark, tired way
i perk up for lunch-packing
yes, my boys are teens
and i still pack their lunches
i've given over other chores to them
but making their sandwiches
and zipping them into bags
connects me to them
makes me part of their day
i'm not ready to give that away
ummmm, but will someone email me
this post on a
cold, rushed winter morning
when the thoughts
of spreading crunchy peanut butter
on three sandwiches
or touching ham at 5:30 am
is more than
i can stand?

and ps - my husband is coming home today from a month away with wycliffe bible translators. i'm a little excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I make 5 sandwiches for 2 teen boys lunches. Andrew alone gets 3. Have a great year.

  2. same here, mary ruth! 3 for hank, 2 for jack.

  3. Love this - right when I was about to get all huffy about having to make lunches in the morning you remind me of the good in it. I asked my 11 yr old if he was too old for notes in his lunch last year and he said, "Let me think about it. Um, No, I'm not." I don't want to ask this year but will so as not to embarras the poor soul.

  4. Enjoy those lunch packing days. They will be gone oh so quickly. My childen are all grown making lunches for their children. To have one of those hetic or not so hetic days back. Thanks for the memories. Viitig from Finger Print Friday.

  5. beautiful, this mother-love and the way quiet acts of service tether our hearts to our children's. and YAY on hubby's return--i'm excited to hear about his trip!!

  6. I'm so excited for you! You remain connected with your boys while you reconnect with your husband. Great post. But now i'll be singing "reunited and it feels so good" indefinitely. :) ENJOY!

  7. When I have to start packing lunch for my boys, I hope I will be able to see it as a means to connect, like you do.. Rather than think of it as another chore :) God bless your weekend with your family.

  8. I never thought of making lunches as being a connection to the kids during the day. I like that. School starts here after labour day. I am going to enjoy my last few weeks with the kids before I worry about the lunches. But I will remind you this winter about your connection if you remind me.

  9. I used to add a little note in the lunch box. Or drawing. It just gave bit of a surprise! Blessings! Patsy from
    HeARTworks and