Sunday, October 21, 2012

for when you want to capture the sky

i seriously tried to capture the sky in a photo. fail.....
i want to capture the blue october sky
red sourwood canopy
earthy smell of carolina forest in the fall
and even more
i want to capture
the peace of mountain trail
far from
lesson plans
disintegrating marriages
adolescent bullying
but this sky?
and this peace?
i can't capture it,
not on my own,
jesus is in charge of that
in this world you will have
but take heart
i have overcome the world

what about you? chasing something these days?

continuing to count his gifts to 1000 -

804. my husband, throwing football with our teenage sons
805. papa turning 70
806. boys playing music in church
807. little nephew charlie running into my arms
808. chocolate icing
809. talking with my girl, the one i mentor, on the phone

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  1. My grandmother who helped raise me had dementia the last 4 years of her life (probably more but those were the years it was most evident) - and how I knew that inside her still was the 17 year old who raced her horse against the trains of Normandy, Ky - it broke my heart not to see that spirit - but the hope that one day, that spirit would soar - that was a beautiful hope!


    1. what a beautiful image - your grandmother racing her horse against trains. that touched me this morning....

  2. Kendal...I love how you weave your words...I feel the struggle with you...and yes...only He can come and give us His peace and rest. blessings to you~

  3. So much in this sparse and beautiful poetic frame. The struggle, the pull, the tension...but always the beauty and grace. I love coming over here. Chocolate icing :) chocolate anything. Yes that he has overcome. Thank you Lord Jesus.

  4. sometimes seems like the more i strive to capture something, the more elusive it becomes... just as you said... until i stop striving on my own, in my own way.

    beautiful poem.

  5. 1. I love the smell of Carolina forests.
    2. I hate bullying. I also hate all the things you listed above bullies.

  6. I want to capture that sky, too. And when peace is elusive, as it so often is, I need to remember that Christ himself is our peace. I need more Jesus.

  7. That sky is a good reminder of His victory. This was good read for me today. Thank you.

  8. It seems I am always grasping for the things that slip through the fingers. When there is only one that counts.