Wednesday, October 24, 2012

on dirty socks and family missions

these boys?
they're mine
sure, they leave dirty socks on the floor
kind of never put away clean clothes
and, yeah, they leave the cap off the toothpaste
they make music like this
it's what matters
we're taking them to the
dominican republic soon
to build a library
to teach english
to share jesus
this week marks the last of middle school soccer
this week marks the last of high school football
my boys are moving on
but their music
but their hearts
these matter most

would you consider participating in our trip? keep reading....

my older son wrote, composed, rehearsed and recorded ten songs with a friend for his senior project this year. you can listen to a sample here. my younger provided percussion while the older is on guitar and vocals. if you find it enjoyable, and if you want to contribute to our trip, please consider emailing me. we're selling the cd's to raise money for this venture. i'm asking $10, which will cover shipping and a donation of $6. my email is thank you, friends.

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  1. Special boys you have. A mission trip will change their lives. The ones my daughters took continue to teach and are held among their favorite memories.

  2. Hi Kendal,

    I got my CD and listened to it. You ought to be proud...the lyrics to that first song...oh my, what a heart for God...praying God provides all you need for your trip. Deut. 31:8

    Blessings in Him,

  3. woot on your son recording the songs...will go listen...we have 1-2 weeks left in son plays and if we win the county championship this weekend we go to the valley Super Bowl next weekend...smiles, your boys sound a bit like our boys...and i am guilty of leaving the cap off the tooth paste as well...smiles..

    your link at dverse is not working, let me know and i will fix it for you...

  4. Sock and all perhaps a mess, but be happy while they are under your roof.!

  5. That's so lovely, how proud you are! Your boys are privileged to have you for a mother, I'm sure.

  6. On mission with your boys! Oh glory! What a gift for your family.

  7. i cannot wait to share the mission field with my daughter. how proud of those boys you must be!

    i love your place, sweet kendal. <3

  8. I am proud with you, and I don't even know your boys! Very precious :)

  9. Hi Kendal,

    Nice to meet you. I'm hopping over from Imperfect Prose's link up. It's makes me smile to hear your love and pride in your boys -- good job! My two oldest kids are in middle school and high school, and my oldest likes to play guitar and lead worship. It does a mama's heart proud and brings joy to hear them strumming praise down in their room, unasked, unprompted.

    May your trip go wonderfully, and for God's glory.

    Jennifer Dougan

  10. oh kendal. how i long to do this with my boys. and yours, so gifted... listening to their music right now...

  11. Oh I love all of that your family will be on mission together and I love that your boys love Jesus enough to sing about him from their hearts. And I love that you are giving us an opportunity to contribute to scattering seed across the nations.I totally want a CD! Love you girl!

  12. Love Love Love this. What amazing talented boys you have, but what could you expect from an amazing talented mom.