Friday, November 23, 2012

the family missions thank you

writing for five minutes on thank you -

like the men in white asked the disciples
why do you stand looking
i heard a
 months-ago whisper
go, take the boys
and the whisper became a shout 
so we ordered passports

but this trip to our dominican friends
didn't make financial sense
and so the thanks -
our family
my faculty
my readers
who donated money, sports equipment, books, paper, crayons
who bought cd's and books and cookies and cake

so our boys could
lead music
and learn sacrifice
god raised you up to bring forth the harvest
thank you

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  1. Love your poem of thanks and seeing the pictures of your boys serving.

  2. I can hear God saying in return....yes...and thank YOU...

  3. Isn't it a blessing that when you give when it's hardest you get so much in return. What a testimony.
    You have much to be thankful for....
    Peace and good to you in Jesus' name.
    visiting from Faith Filled Friday....

  4. missions is not about making financial sense is it... so glad you and your family were able to go together :-) xo L.

  5. oh that is wonderful, kendal! love how He provides!!

  6. Beautiful post. And what a wonderful cause. So glad there were people to support you and your boys.

  7. beautiful, beautiful and oh so inspiring. thank you for sharing your heart!!

    thrilled to be your newest follower! found you through five minute friday.

    much love and many blessings to you friend!!