Monday, December 24, 2012

keeping it real on christmas eve

and here's the reality of our christmas eve
sore throat
kids coughing
rain pounding the roof
floor in need of a vacuum
still another wal-mart run looming
wrapping left for seven presents
but i have a deeper discontent
i just feel sad
for the brokenhearted today
i heard
a pastor speak these funeral words
to a sanctuary full of the deeply bereaved
last week
peace isn't 
the absence of war
the presence of love
the truth is that sometimes peace scatters
with the wind
but how do we beckon her back, this peace?
paul teaches that we....
rejoice, pray, and give thanks
not so easy in the midst of heartache,

i would like to pray for you this may i?

continuing to count his gifts to 1000 -

870. a nana trip to costco
871. church with my parents
872. son playing and singing o holy night
873. my husband's backache that afforded us time together
874. chatting with my girl
875. baked goods, oh the baked goods!
876. visiting friends i haven't seen in too long

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  1. I have tears dear friend. It is hard to pray in the heartache. It's hard to find joy when all hope seems lost. I'm so trying to find the light lately and seem to under attack from the dark. I believe that we are all under attack right now because the enemy wants us to focus on him and not the One who defeated him. I am trying to focus on Truth and not despair. It's too easy to get sucked into it. Praying that the light shine upon you and your family today.