Thursday, December 13, 2012

shooting the half

it's winter and
the friday night lights are dark
the stadiums empty
it's winter and
the mats are rolled out
across the gym floor
it's winter and
the wrestling is constant
at home
the father, the sons
they talk it
practice it
watch it
cross face, break him down, shoot the half
ya know,
under the christmas tree....
maybe i'm a novice with the language
maybe i don't know what to yell at a match
maybe i have a very real fear that the tree will crash
this father, son, brother time?
sigh. long, contented, happy sigh.

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  1. Oh, there's lots of rough and tumble in our place too. I always have to intervene!

  2. I have a one year old daughter and there is wrestling in this place too. Heaven help us if I add a boy to the father/daughter rumbles mix one day!

  3. I love this. I do often wish when my boys were younger that my husband had understood the importance of this "rough play"...and now, well, it really is too late. I can rejoice with your chaos though! Bless you! Here visiting from GDWJ link up.

  4. It is the best to watch your husband rough-housing with the kids. Lots of laughter :)

  5. My girls aren't into the rough and tumble though your post has brought back memories of my childhood. Though my girls do like to climb on daddy whilst he's on the sofa! Visiting via FYBF.

  6. oh i totally understand this. the way boys bond over rough and tumble. my little kasher is already "wrestling" his big brothers, and he's only 17 months :)