Monday, January 28, 2013

view from the rock

when i take a turn about the field
with moses-my-dog
i stop to stand on the rock
flat in the ground
that's not quite atop the hill
the view
is blue mountain distant
log cabin tucked 
standing there
assurance of god's
(in accordance with his pleasure and will)
moses turns to look
and i step off
to finish

do you have a physical place that provides god-assurance?

continuing to count his gifts to 1000-

917. cream cheese icing
918. snow days home
919. church
920. playing boggle with the guys
921. husband in the kitchen
922. my girl, the one i mentor, feeling happy

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  1. Kendall, as with all your words...this is peaceful and whisper beauty. Love getting to know your words and voice even better over at Amver's.

  2. As always, your writing reaches deep in my heart. My God-assurance place is a rocking chair when God meets. Always. When I sit in the quiet and open my heart to Him.

  3. No. But I've actually been thinking lately that I'd like to have a place like that. God meets with us in real time and space, right? God met with his people and they raised altars to him and his faithfulness in particular places. I need to think about this some more.

    And #922? Happy dance!

  4. I always seem to have a God-assurance moment when I first walk into church. I'm also a nature lover, and there are few places that seem to calm my soul more than the mountains.


  5. This reminds me of running. Are you a runner? I always see God when I'm out running. I don't live anywhere near mountains, but He shows up in the windy, flat plains of Nebraska, always when I'm running. So glad I found you at Amber's.

    1. i am a runner! and meet god on the road so often.

  6. Sounds like a beautiful place...but all places that fill us with God's assurance are! Blessings to you, Kendal!

  7. What a simple, beautiful reminder of those physical places that give us reminders of God's presence. Those literal remembrance rocks. A breath for me today. Thank you, Kendal. Glad to have "met" you through Amber's.

  8. Love this one Kendall. YES. I feel Gods presence and pleasure on the paths behind my house...Pine trees, mountains and clear blue skies.

  9. I love that your dog's name is Moses. :) We used to travel up to a private cabin owned by my husband's late boss that made me feel that way. Just being away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life makes it so much easier to hear that still, small voice.

  10. I can just see you there on that rock in my mind's eye. My everyday place like that is my dining room floor :). It's where we meet. But I have others that I am only able to go to occasionally, like the ocean and the mountains and beside a babbling creek. And my doggie is always with me too :)

  11. Hi Kendal
    I am a bit late at Amber's linky place, but yes, I do have a play where I truly feel so close to ou Pappa God. With my husband and my two sons Round the table enjoying a family meal together. That is so special to me!
    Much love