Monday, February 4, 2013

the repetition of days (four short poems)

speaking of repetition, had another birthday yesterday....
happy day, sister!
we hiked the mountain this afternoon
blustering wind accompanied
isn't she tired?
careening off trees and bluffs
without ceasing?

we had another sunset today
rays striking 
the mountains 
so that sun and shadow shared
while the camera, a paper weight, rested

chris made the box i open
twice every day
sanded down to sleek
inside, my earrings, nooked, are ready
and the hinges don't squeak
because he crafted them
walnut and maple
but if they spoke it would

i wait for the lord, my soul waits,
and in his word i put my hope
my soul waits for the lord
    more than watchmen wait for the morning
    more than watchmen wait for the morning

(from psalm 130)

where do you find beauty in repetition?

923. those 1.3 million facebook birthday messages....
924. hyperbole
925. the day after two days of fever
926. twenty-six years of birthday presents from my husband
927. hank and jack thinking of presents for me on their own
928. baseball season so close
929. hearing from my girl, the one i mentor
930. colleagues who pitch in
931. laughing with my sister on the phone
932. snowflakes
933. dean's southern bistro (think collard greens and fried chicken....)

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  1. The best of living comes in the repetition of days. Love your poems and your list of gifts today.

  2. Hi Kendall
    Reading your words, "he crafted them from walnut and maple" made me think of how our Lord crafts our hearts as we wait on Him and how He uses suffering as the sandpaper to sand down those rough edges. May you have a blessed week and I am glad to have read this beautiful words.
    Much love

  3. "I will wait for the Lord."

    this is my mantra these days. breathtaking.

  4. i came here needing to be reminded the beauty of what seems to me the endless monotony, but is actually rhythmic repetition.
    your words have not disappointed, friend.
    thank you.

  5. Well, since I just babysat my son's beagle, and I posted about him today, I'd have to say that I find beauty in the repetition of the way he greets me every single time I appear (even if I've only disappeared into the bathroom for five minutes!). He's always happy to see me, tail wagging, jumping with joy. That never gets old.

    He always reminds me, too, of the Lord's love. He is also ALWAYS happy to see me!!


  6. These four short poems are speaking beauty to me today. And happy belated birthday, friend. Maybe that camera needs to be a paperweight more often in this house too...seems like a good way to capture beauty.

  7. I memorized Psalm 130 awhile back with ladies in a Bible class, and hearing these words again really resonates with me. Thanks for sharing, Kendal. Beautiful as always.

    "my soul waits for the lord
    more than watchmen wait for the morning
    more than watchmen wait for the morning"

  8. I love that every day I start my morning in my chair in my bedroom with Him.

  9. My dad is a craftsman and its amazing how their love can be seen in the things they make!

  10. Where do I find beauty in repetition? In visiting some heartfelt blogs over and over! I don't come here enough, but I sure do think of you, Kendal!

  11. "Sanded down to sleek" - loved this phrase. Coming via Amber's...